After yesterday’s victory speech, I felt you guys had waited so long, another video was imminent. Therefore here is something me and Liam put together, with the questions asked by Vinnieh. It also includes information on who gets to write the next quiz and also an opening credits sequence I am pretty proud of. Enjoy.

34 thoughts on “Drunk Quiz 6 (Vinnieh Edition)

    • I lucked out on a few of them, like the Jennifer Lawrence one. A few of them were just about movies I had talked about very recently, so I had the answer fresh in my mind. We had some good fun with the Wickerman one though. “Not the bees!”

  1. Can’t believe I’ve only just found your blog, great idea to get everyone involved, I look forward to Drunk Quiz 7 and catching up on everything I’ve missed, well maybe not everything!

  2. great quiz as always Luke! cant wait to see who u’ve chosen to try and stump u completely. if u need help finding questions that EVEN u cant answer, let me know 🙂

  3. Ahahahahaha!!!! Great stuff!! Hadn’t seen this before, fuckin’ hilarious guys! And sopme fuckin hard question Vin, I’d have got NONE right. It looks like such a fun game though!

  4. Gah! I lament my poor internet connections!!! I’m going to have to watch this in parts. But still, I love the intro. (It’s what I’ve been able to see thus far!) lol

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  6. Love it! Great work as always, and I am really looking forward to all the specialised Drunk Quizzes in the future.

    Ruby got some serious screen time 😀

    PLUS, what the hell is with all the creepy surrounding you nowadays?

    I actually watched American Beauty again last night! xD

    • I haven’t seen American Beauty in years, but I am Kevin Spacey crazy at the moment, so I probably will revisit soon.

      And yes, there is a lot of terror going on around the house. Drunk Quiz 7 is scheduled for very soon.

    • I am getting the questions on Sunday and will have to see how my work schedule goes before I can think about a release date. I also have a few other videos in the back of my mind that I want to focus on first. We’ll see how it works out.

  7. I am finally back in the UK so I have good enough wifi to watch this. I love the idea of having a different quiz master for each quiz. I want to know though if Liam and Ruby also get to drink.

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