I would love to write scripts for the cinema. It is my dream job; the idea of writing a story and seeing it come alive on the big screen is thrilling to me. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t writing jobs I wouldn’t go near with a barge pole. I can think of a couple of scripts that if done wrong, could result in career suicide. One of these examples is even coming out this year. Don’t get me wrong I want these films to do well so bad, but I reckon the writers will struggle to manage it. Leave a comment below if you have faith in these scripts. And maybe, if you still remember this article, come back when these movies have been released and we can see if our predictions were right.


I would hate to have this job right now. In truth, new Star Wars movies should be something to be happy about. There is so much to the extended universe that countless movies could be made. When we are bored with lightsaber fights and Jedi Knights (like never), we could start making films about the X-Wing pilots or the members of Jabba’s court.

Ewan MacGregor and Sam Jackson contemplate if this trilogy will kill their career.

Ewan McGregor and Sam Jackson contemplate if this trilogy will kill their career.

However, part of me also thinks new Star Wars movies are a doomed premise. In all honesty, the prequels were not that bad. Sure, the acting and dialogue was a little wooden, but the original trilogy also has that problems: if not, worse. At least, the Star Wars universe was given a bit of fresh CGI to amaze the audience with. Basically, the main reason the prequels are hated, is because people wanted to hate the new Star Wars movies before they began. And that is exactly what will happen this time around. No matter how good this Star Wars film is, people will go through it, over-analysing every narrative device or character decision. And they will find flaws. Nearly every movie out there has them: at least in the mind of a few, select people. This new trilogy will become a piñata for fans to beat mercilessly and complain about the flavour of the sweets that fall out, no matter what.


I loved Avengers Assemble and Star Trek. Both of those films seemed like impossible tasks at first. Avengers seemed too good to be true: getting all of those superheroes to fit into one movie and not have one get favouritism by the writers. And Star Trek basically faced the same amount of people, who are waiting to tear the new Star Wars movies apart. And both turned out excellently: five star movies, in fact.

If we thought pulling that off was hard, the sequels must be even tougher to write. Both movies have a star-studded cast, each representing a beloved character. It is only a matter of time, before one decides to move on and try another set of movies. I would love these two film series to carry on forever, but if the second films pass, I can see the producers deciding to play it safe and wrapping up the story with a trilogy finale. It’s a shame, but these two films cannot work forever.

Can the second movies even survive though? Personally, although I wouldn’t want the responsibility of writing them, I have a feeling that these two films will be alright. From the rumours I have heard about the next Star Trek, I think J.J Abrams is going in the right direction. More worrying is the Avengers Assemble sequel, although, according to a fellow blogger, Joss Whedon has already finished the first draft of the script. That tells me that he had some strong ideas of where to take the film from the second he finished the first, which is a good hint that Avengers 2 won’t be a failure. I have my fingers crossed.


But the most worrying out of them all is the Batman reboot that will be happening in time for the Justice League of America movie. The reason I am worrying is the fact that the writers have been ordered to write up this movie, rather than wanting to. At least, with my other three examples, there is a sense that the writers and directors are excited to be behind this project. The next Batman movie is basically just to give another Batman origin (if it was too soon for Spiderman, it’s definitely too soon for Batman), more focused on the JLA film than the actual film itself.

Uh.... Tom Hardy???

Uh…. Tom Hardy???

But where will it go? Christopher Nolan both did the best thing for Batman and the worst by making the Dark Knight trilogy. It was Batman at its best, but now: how do you follow it? The worse thing to do is try and keep it as dark as Nolan did: that is taking him on at his own game and that is something you will not win at. The other option, of course, is too make it light-hearted, but then you end up with an Adam West Batman (or worse, Batman and Robin). I am assuming Batman will go dark, because that is the direction Superman is headed, so it makes sense that the other members of the Justice League will have to as well.

The thing is: I would love to make a Batman movie. I am a massive fan of the character. And sadly, I have made my decision. I want this movie to fail. I want it to be a worse flop than Batman and Robin, causing fans from all over to ridicule it. Why? Well, while it will be impossible to follow Christopher Nolan, it would be great to follow an awful movie. This Batman movie must sacrifice itself, so that another great Batman film can rise from the ashes.

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