Hi guys. A short break from the usual blog posts and movie reviews, because I wanted to share with you my own film. This is less a short and more of a social awareness advert about body dysmorphia. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or BDD for short) is a mental health disorder where you become fascinated with one particular part of your body, convinced it is horrendously flawed. This could be your nose, a scar, your height…


I have chosen to focus on a teenage girl, obsessing over her weight as a part of BDD. This is for a specific reason as I believe that BDD is often mistaken for an eating disorder, but the bulimia is more of a consequence to this variation of BDD. The real issue is the sufferer being unable to see their own body as others see it, convinced that they are morbidly overweight. The short conveys the bulk of the message, so please watch (there are some more facts in the Youtube description), and maybe give me a like and a share, if you feel that you know someone who could benefit from watching this video. BDD is often brushed under the carpet, so the idea of this short is to raise awareness and let people know that they do not have to suffer alone.


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