After much deliberation, I have decided that I just had no choice but to continue this fun, little competition for a third year running. The second year might have two rounds left (Round 11 next Friday), but there is no time like the present to get next year’s teams ready. That way I have time to do the opening ceremony and still have a slight breather before I start the first round. It comes around frighteningly quick after all. So, while I know the majority of you know these rules like the back of your hand by now, let me recap here for the newbies who are interested in the buzz that has got the likes of Abbi Osbiston foaming from the mouth with rage.

Real time photo of couples waiting for next year's league.

Real time photo of couples waiting for next year’s league.

This game has little commitment whatsoever. All I need you guys to do is pick three actors and three actresses you think are going to score the most points (the scoring system will be typed out in a few paragraphs time), in 2017 and send them to my email address: luke.abbott@zanifare.co.uk. After that, it is just a case of sitting back, drinking Prosecco and tuning in each month to see what points you have gathered. The hard part is making sure you pick the right champions for your team. One of the better tactics is to look for actors who star in several films a year. Seth Rogen might only get three star films, but he also gets around four a year. Then there are the likes of Robert Downey Jr, who might be a sure-fire hit with a Marvel movie, but is it likely he will get another film for the whole of the year? Probably not. It is a harder job than first thought with surprise hits and unpredicted train-wrecks killing many a team over the last two years.

The point system is worked around Empire magazine. The British among you will know Empire as the UK’s leading movie magazine and usually the most reliable for reviews (one year, I might f**k you all up and use the Daily Mail as a points reference). They can be strict at times, but they are usually on the money. This is an important thing to bring up, because American readers are going to have to remember that their movies might come out earlier than ours. Therefore, if you are banking on that big Winter release, don’t forget we might not get it until 2018. Also, steer clear of B Movies that it is doubtful Empire will touch. Other than that, this is how I score the teams:

Points for a Lead Role
2 Points for a Supporting Role
1 Point for a Cameo
3 Points for a Five Star review
2 Points for a Four Star review
3 Points for a Three Star review
0 Points for a Two Star review
-1 Points for a One star review
2 Points if Empire Magazine specifically compliments your chosen champion’s performance.
-2 Points if Empire Magazine specifically criticises your chosen champion’s performance.

And all that’s left to say is please get your teams into me by 13th January at luke.abbott@zanifare.co.uk and good luck. It would be great to see some new faces as well as the old ones.

12 thoughts on “Fantasy Acting League 2017 – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water

  1. Okay, screw it – I’m in! Again! Because I have zero chance of winning this year. And I’m pretty sure you WANT me to join in again since I’m not at all annoying. ; ) (by the way, when you get to The Edge Of Seventeen, Woody Harrelson is in it. lol!). : )

  2. I’m definitely in! A lot of my hopes for this year were either pushed back or I didn’t take into account their British release dates, so I’ll try to keep that in mind for 2017. Can’t wait for the new round! Does it start with reviews as of January 1?

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