Emily Holyoake (Bethan Harris): Louis has been great to work with from the outset – organised, clear, good fun, and above all passionate about the project. He also works incredibly hard, and I really respect that about him.

Sarah McCourt (Judith Price): It has been great to work with such an ambitious director as Louis. His imagination is matched only by his determination to get Rewind on the web so quickly and to such a high standard.

Eduard Frolovs (Composer): Louis is one of many directors doing web series, but what makes him stand out is his unique approach and potential that shines through all of his work.

Richard Knox (Andrew Fields): Working with Louis has been an absolute joy, his passion, exuberance and determinism for Life is Strange has continuously impressed me throughout the entire series. A resolute director who is well organised, knows excatly what he wants and very generously looks after his cast and crew. It would be both an honour and a privilege to work with him again.

Jennifer Spreadbury (Becky Scott): Louis was great to work with, always accommodating to his actors needs and I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Dom Lee (Camera Operator): I may have only worked on Rewind for one day and quite late in the project but it was clear that Louis had been leading a cast who all got on really well and much of that of that comes down from the spirit a director creates on set. Pulling together a project which is also the equivalent to making a feature film takes a lot of work so huge respect to Louis for that!

Natasha Wise (Danielle Warren): Louis has been a great director. It’s been an awesome project to work on and it has been great seeing his scripts transform. His passion for the project was great to see and I’ve absolutely loved working with him. We’ve had lots of laughs and I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of Rewind.

Andrew Koethe (Songwriter): Working with Louis has been an extremely rewarding experience. Not only has he been supportive of the work I have done since the beginning, but in spite of the distance, I can rest easy knowing the end product will be something awesome, and that the project is in he hands of someone who is an all around greatly creative person!

Luke King Abbott (Charlie Price): Very rarely do I have the pleasure of working on a film set that runs as smoothly or has fast a turnaround as Louis’s. Rewind has been an excellent, little project and I look forward to any future collaborations between the pair of us.

Becky Louise (Alice Kelly): Louis’s vision for Rewind was clear from the start. Not only is he a great director and performer, but a great visionary. Working with him was so effortless, as well as a lot of fun! And I am so pleased he asked me to be involved in this project.

Jason Collins (David Price): I first met Louis Bronski on a recent Indie film, as a fellow actor and a fearful opponent to my character. It was clear from the first few minutes that he was a true professional, attention to detail and a nice guy too. So when, subsequent to that production, Louis Boombastic contacted me to offer a role in his forthcoming Web series named Rewind, I was thrilled to accept it. This gave me an insight into Louis Bojangles as a Director and not surprisingly, professionalism and attention to detail once again were the common theme. In summary, Louis John Brzozka is one of a few acting and production talents spearheading the long overdue emergence of the west country film industry, and I for one am proud to be associated with him.


Jemma Carlin-Wells (Jade Alexander): Louis was an interesting director to work with as he wasn’t dictatorial. I would describe his style of direction as collaborative, as although he had a clear view of what he wanted the characters to be like, he was very open to suggestion. He asked for feedback from the cast and crew throughout the project and during filming would ask others what they thought of the scene and take their views and opinions into consideration. However, at the same time, he wasn’t afraid to show the cast and crew how he wanted a scene to look or a character to be played. Louis respects his cast and crew so therefore the direction of “Rewind” became more of a creative process. I think this respect stems from the face that he is predominantly an actor, so he understands how important it is to make sure everyone feels valued.

Micheal Gartley (Editor/Sound Technician/All-Round Good Sport): Louis as a director, well, I found him to be determined, patient and willing to learn. A pleasure to work with. 10/10 would be bossed about again.

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