Hey everyone. This is a brand new blog I have going. I recently turned director and am making a web series. This blog will have all of the news and updates on it. Please follow and like. The more media attention, the bigger the project will get. Thank you for your support. You have been persistently amazing.

Call Me Church

Some of you might already know me from either my other blog (google Oracle of Film for a selection of movie reviews), or from the acting world. Some of you might have just floated here because the title caught your attention or maybe you heard rumours about a brand new independent web series that was doing the rounds. Either way, welcome. My name is Luke King Abbott and I am writing and directed, Call Me Church, an exciting new web series that, best case scenario, you will be able to watch for free on Youtube before the end of 2016.

So what is my web series about? I will flesh out the premise over the course of a few articles, but here is the working premise to give you a taster for the thrills to come:

Jasmine Spacer was a bright young girl, owner of her own Youtube cooking tutorial…

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