OK, so I am going to start with an apology that I haven’t been as constant with my blogging for some time now. I have started posting articles here and there, but I really haven’t been consistent at all lately. And I am truly sorry for that. I have been insanely busy, as my acting and writing career begins to take off in a very serious way. I thought I would drop an article today to let you all know where I am with my projects and thank you all for being patient with me.

Acting wise, I am still working on the feature film I have spent the last year creating. It is very nearly completed and should be hitting the edit over December. March will see the last few shots being filmed and then we are onto the long wait for a cinematic release. I will talk about that in more detail when I have details to share. My other big project is acting in Rewind – a five part web series based on Life is Strange, the indie video game that took the world by storm this year. Follow this link to see the episodes we have so far and the third one (which I think is something really special), will be online in the first week of December. I am really excited to share it all with you.


I am also looking at directing my first web series. I have written an eight part series and have just begun casting for it. I have already assembled a group of actors that I reckon can truly bring my characters to life and I shall get the cameras rolling in February. That is where most of my time is going at the moment and the main reason I haven’t been posting as much. The irony of film-making is that you don’t have time to go and watch movies yourself. However, this is something really important to me and I would never let it get in the way of blogging, unless it was something I was very serious and passionate about. As it is in the very early stages at the moment, I don’t want to start sharing too many details and get you excited for something, you won’t get to see until late 2016, but I felt it was important you guys, people that have supported me for the last two years, knew where I vanished too. It would really appreciated me if you kept following my progress as I want to share it with you. Also, I might come creeping to you guys for preliminary reviews and promo articles, so stay tuned for favour begging. In the meantime, if you guys have Facebook, please consider giving my brand new actor’s page a like. It has all of my projects on there in more details as well as set photos, so you can see exactly what I am trying to achieve. It would mean the world to me if you stayed tuned to this page and had a little look around the albums I have compiled.

And finally, this blog! I cannot promise constant blogging to restart again for the near future, for the reasons stated above. What I will promise is a review of the Walking Dead’s sixth season so far tomorrow and a review of SPECTRE after that on Friday. The fantasy acting leagues are being calculated as we speak and I am going to be tracking you down for next year’s teams very, very soon. I might be less present as I used to be, but I am still well and truly here.

9 thoughts on “Where Did I Go?

  1. Sounds like you are on a roll and following your dream, which is awesome and I wish you all the best of luck. Begging, you say? Hmmmm, we will have to see.

    Going to start thinking on my new picks for next year soon then!

    • Thank you. I don’t want to make a big noise about it until summer, as at the moment it is very early days. I just wanted to touch base with the WordPress lot. On Monday, I am auditioning a lead actress, so exciting times!!!

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