Another Friday, another video. This time without the delays. I am afraid you will have to accept this as a replacement for a movie review today, folks. There wasn’t anything I fancied seeing in the cinema today (sorry, Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t really my ‘Cups’ of tea – yay! We have officially hit my worst joke record!). However, hopefully this video will be entertaining enough to keep you satisfied. And yes, that is a gay crocodile on the thumbnail of the video.

5 thoughts on “Liam Answers The Difficult Questions (Part 2 of 4)

  1. I am concerned about Liam’s stereotypical representations of gay animals especially when combined with his love of drawing knobs…

  2. LOL these videos are fun!

    Since reading that article, every time I think of a crocodile I think of painted nails xD

    I do appreciate Liam putting himself through this for us!

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