Bad news, guys.

Usually Fridays are my favourite day on my blog. It is the day where I review a film out in the cinema right now and it always feels fresh and exciting. While I loved reviewing older films or TV shows, there is something relevant about reviewing something like Avengers: Age of Ultron a day after its release. Sadly, this involves a) the cinema being actually interesting every week and b) my work schedule being generous. None of those things have happened for the last two weeks. Unfriended doesn’t seem worth the money and Child 44 has stopped interesting me. When work asked me to do a six day week, it just seemed like common sense to knock the cinema on the head. Besides, I had something better up my sleeve.

A few days ago, Zoe pitched me an idea for a video on Twitter. I loved it, wrote up some ideas, and then, to make it a little different from my other stuff, I handed it over to Liam. He had a field day with the idea and sent me the funniest video I have seen in some time. Yes, it is a full Liam video. It is finished and ready to go. It was going to be today’s post. And then my computer gave up on me. While I keep promising these new Youtube videos, endless Drunk Quizzes, #ItProbes – my main problem is that my computer struggles to process converting these files into Youtube formats. My computer is hitting its fourth birthday, which is retirement age for a laptop. I have been putting off a new one for some time. When the mousepad went, I bought a mouse. When it overheated twice a day, I bought a cooling pad. But, I was just putting off the inevitable and, at the moment, my PC is the equivalent of a dementia patient, wandering around my house, wondering why it doesn’t have any legs. Or arms. Or human body parts, I guess…

I get paid on Thursday and my first stop is PC World for a brand new laptop. I will try to get the video out for that Friday. It is much easier than me trying to coax my laptop into processing video files, as it is just wasting my mornings before work, when I need to be getting on with several chores and writing jobs. So, today is going to be a little slow. Let me make this up to you by including a movie that Natasha Harmer managed to get off the ground: The Beast On The Moor. Look out for the shady bloke in the leather jacket. His pool skills are second to none.


10 thoughts on “Slow Day At The Office

  1. Best seven minutes I’ve spent all month!!!

    I like how you are just always lurking in the background – sounds pretty true to life!


  2. Ah, the joys of laptop life. Mine’s about two years ago and it’s already showing signs of age. Hope you find yourself a good deal and get something spiffy! 🙂

  3. Argh! I came here for ANSWERS!!

    However, old tech is a real pain in the ass, sorry to hear of the dementia thing.

    As for the video, hell yeah! I had a good time with it and it was shot well! Great job there 🙂

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