And here it is! Brought to you by myself, Movie Rob and so many poor life decisions, Drunk Quiz Number Seven arrives on Youtube. Sorry, my other video, It Probes has been delayed, but Ruby is being a drama queen at the moment and is asking for double pay. Hence why she will not be making an appearance in this video. Apologies to all of the Ruby lovers. She has let you all down. 😦

I also apologise for the insane amount of swear words in this video. They are not even nice swear words. They are the worst kind of swear words. Apparently I hit my angry drunk phase somewhere along the way in this video. So, just be warned for that. Otherwise, we might as well crack on. Thanks to Movie Rob for the questions and sorry I failed so miserably at them.

And I really do fail…

20 thoughts on “Drunk Quiz 7 (Movie Rob Edition)

  1. Great job Luke. I’m very happy u got the Star Wars question right and you were very close on a few of them. I wouda given u a few passes on some of those answers because you were so close.

    Sorry that u hate me for doing this to u, but it was fun to watch.

    Looking back, some of the questions probably were too hard, but that being said most I think were fair.

    Thanks for letting me do this (to u) and I understand if u never wanna speak to me again… CUNT!!!!! 🙂

    • Hahaha! The Harry Potter question killed me. I was so close. And my brother cocked up the Olympus Has Fallen one, but the ‘Drink to America’ joke was too good to pass up. By the end, I just gave up and threw a drinking tantrum. But it was a great laugh and this was one of the funniest ones I have done so far!!!

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Check out Luke of the Oracle of Film’s Drunk Quiz 7, where I provided the questions for him. Thanks to Luke for letting me participate!

  3. I think this is my fav Drunk Quiz so far. This was hilarious. I love the way you two say vagina.

    Great questions Rob! Great drinking Luke.

    • I had to edit so much out. I couldn’t even do a proper end credits sequence, because it was just too long haha! I had great fun making it!!!

  4. These quizzes are the only context in which I can enjoy Blurred Lines. Also can I come over and clean up your room?

  5. That intro ❤

    Sorry, playing a HUGE catch up on your blog here, it has been way too long, so you are going to have to deal with an insane amount of notifications. My bad.

    C-bombs everywhere!

    Damn, these were rough! I will have to take pity on your soul…

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