22 thoughts on “Drunk Quiz 4.2

  1. No sips for comparison, just gulp that down!

    I got you for five whole minutes?!

    I think this is the most wasted you’ve ever gotten on one of these!

    Thank you, great way to start the morning 😀

    • Looking back, that wine was going down far too fast. The amusing thing is I was considering buying a third bottle before we started filming. I think that might have killed me.

  2. Ha! It’s a tough gig you’re running man! Great Babadook moment at the end. I kept looking at that hat and coat. Superb stuff Luke! Keep me posted on the next one and I suggest a fine malt next time around!

      • Good man! Its a lot of fun to watch. Even better to participate. I might take a shot of malt with you if i get the questions wrong as well. It could become a drinking phenomenon amongst bloogers. A new way to truly appreciate the knowledge of film. 🙂 bravo sir!

  3. You’re so damn drunk. I think we need to give you super easy questions next time, dude. 😉 Oh! I have to give you my picks of three actors and actresses for your thingymabob still. You still doing that?? I definitely want in!! 🙂

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