Well, you guys asked for it. Sorry for the bad audio and jumpy video, but my computer makes editing these videos as difficult as it can. I hope this is the Eric Isaacs movie you all wanted!

32 thoughts on “The IPC – The Movie: Trailer

  1. Luke, you are a genius. Not quite certain how I feel about being played by a cat as I am a dog person, but I will still be rooting for Ruby come Oscar season. She looks quite talented. Miguel’s casting is a thing of perfection. I am still laughing about that.

    • My cat wants to audition for Blofield’s cat in the next Bond, so she bullied me into casting her as you. I also found it funny that Miguel, an inanimate object got a human actor and you didn’t.

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  4. This is better than GOTG. Where do we sign up for the kickstarter? Although that quote doesn’t sound like me. The cat is OBVIOUSLY the star!

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