I am loving diving into the world of music videos and digging up all of the cameos from massive actors. The bigger the star, the better the cameo. The truth is that I am four articles in now and I am only ever scratching the surface. Most of you have seen that I have avoided the bigger ones to make these articles a lot more informative, but soon I am going to have to start honouring them. I have included one of the bigger ones in this article, which is one of my all-time favourite famous actor meets music video events ever. There are some interesting ones too, as well as one that was recommended by fellow blogger Niall McArdle.


I am using Verne Troyer as the sub-heading here, because his cameo is the weirdest. Near the beginning of the song, the shot cuts to Moby in a strip bar, dressed as a spaceman and blankly singing into the distance. Visible behind him is Verne Troyer, throwing money at a half-naked woman, slobbering in a way only Verne Troyer can. It is one of the many odd things that feature in this music video. However, there are far more cameos to keep an eye out for. Most of them are rock star based, but there is one massive actor hidden in a single shot for you guys to stay tuned for. Here’s a clue as to his identity: it was a miracle he wasn’t killed off.


I had to bring this one up eventually. It is a well-known fact that Christopher Walken will try to slip dancing moves into every one of his movies. He dances in King of New York, for crying out loud, a film which hardly feels like a reason to break into a tap-dance. It seems logical that it was only a matter of time before Walken was asked to star in a music video where he truly unleashed some of his best dance moves onto the public. No one was quite prepared for the awesomeness that is this song.

Its only purpose is to show off Christopher Walken and stretch our belief. He goes from busting some shapes in a large empty room, having the time of his life, to jumping from the wall to the ceiling. We watch, amazed and unable to process that Fatboy Slim has somehow improved a pretty awesome song with the greatest cameo the world had seen in quite some time. I would pay good money to be able to have as much fun as Christopher Walken did on this one day of filming.


This could officially be one of my favourite music videos of all time. It begins with Brandon Flowers tied up in a warehouse, hauntingly singing to no one in particular. We aren’t too sure what is going on, but we are assuming we are going to be treated to some sort of existential music video with deeper meanings. Then suddenly things change. Explosions, dead ninjas flying across the room and a mysterious figure emerges from the smoke, armed with a samurai sword. The figure in question is Charlize Theron, looking as bad-ass, sexy and awesome as ever.

It only gets better with fight scene after fight scene. Theron slaughters anyone that gets in the way with some great kills. Most of the time, she doesn’t even need to look at her victim, as she performs a perfect no-look finishing move not once, but twice. There is also a pretty awesome use of throwing stars and a car chase that wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond flick. As she cuts her way through hordes of bad guys with her sword, we kind of wish we weren’t watching a music video, but a fully-fledged action movie, starring Charlize Theron. Brandon Flowers is pretty irritating as the useless heroine however.

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