Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me tw… OK, yeah, I am getting fooled into making a grievous drinking error all over again.

Yes, it is back by popular demand. The first drunk quiz got an unbelievable amount of love, so I had little choice but to make another. And this time around, Liam has compiled a list of just Game of Thrones questions. And don’t worry, there will be no spoilers, although I did have to edit out quite a few drunken ramblings about someone’s death. However, the final cut below is totally friendly to people who haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. Although, you will probably be drinking an awful lot…

Also this is going to be replacing my weekly review. Yes, I am missing a Friday review two weeks in a row, mainly because there is nothing I really want to see in the cinema. I am pretty confident this is more than a worthy replacement. I am heading to Reading this weekend for a long drinking session (glutton for punishment, right?), so I won’t be around to comment or post Stalker Saturday over Twitter. However, I have left you a pretty jam-packed weekend. Today, we have this video, tomorrow, we have a true story that bloggers will be telling at Halloween for centuries to come and on Sunday, we have the always fantastic ‘Question of the Month’. This does mean that all entries have stopped being accepted, so if you haven’t posted me one yet, it is too late. Sorry, guys, wait until next month. I think that is all that needs to be explained, so let’s crack open the vodka.

(Yes, this time it’s vodka.)

Lots of Love,
Luke ‘I’m so Fancy’ Abbott

15 thoughts on “Drunk Quiz 2 (Game of Thrones Edition)

  1. This was hilarious! I know my cake!


    Here’s some suggestions for your next ones

    – you let me send over the questions

    – you let readers send over the questions

    – you and I do one of these over Skype (or something)

  2. Awesome! Love these. I honestly thought when I turned it on that I could get a lot of them right too… umm no I would have been very drunk. Damn your brother he asks hard questions! Great job Luke you are our hero!

  3. “An emptiness where my heart once was…” – so melodramatic hahaha.

    Half shots?! I see you have learned since your last outing. You paid in small denomination coins? Nothing says alcoholic quite the same! 😉

    LOVE all the references going down here!

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