Howdy y’all.

I cannot bring myself to review another terrible B Movie this week, so instead I have made another funny video for you. It’s basically an advice column, but where I try to sort out the internet (which is scientifically impossible, so wish me luck). If this takes off, I might try and do another one whenever I get the chance, but it would be great, if you could provide the questions. The weirder the better (and I know you guys can do weird with the best of them). Watch the video for an idea of the kind of random stuff I want to tackle. I also want to get around to making another drinking movie quiz, so that might be first, meaning that there is no rush on emailing me random questions (you can email me at shl00801@myport.ac.uk)

Also, while I have your attention (damn, a butterfly flew past – we lost Vee!), I sadly won’t be able to make it to the cinema to review a recent movie. I totally forgot that I have two Skittles tournament games this week (Skittles is essentially a really unmanly game of ten pin bowling for those who don’t know the sport), so I have run out of time in the week. In all honesty, the only film I even wanted to see in the cinema right now was Oculus, and that can wait until DVD. However, to replace the gap on Friday, I shall be reviewing a couple of classics, including the one film in my top five all-time favourites that hasn’t been reviewed yet. See if you guess what it is.

5th – Avengers Assemble
4th – Jurassic Park
3rd – ???
2nd – Sin City
1st – Die Hard

Without further ado, here is the video. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Dear Oracle

  1. Ok – I got to watch this and….. GROSS YOU FILTHY ENGLISH BASTARD!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I’ll DM you some questions.

  2. Okay – I’ve been trying to comment but I’m having WordPress issues and can’t log in to comment. Again! Argh. Anyway… Thanks for the mention. I, um, think. ; ) lol! Filthy stuff!!! Is this turning into The IPC here?!?! ; )

    Look forward to seeing more of these. I think Eric would have liked a peek at Page 3! Lol

  3. There goes that song again…

    Oh my goodness, you two and the sticky notes just cracked me up! And that whole ant thing… LOL!

    You’ve gotta do some more of these.

  4. LOL. Yes. PLEASE make this a regular thing. You guys crack me up. But stay off those sticky notes!! Those things will ruin your life…I will try to think of deep, thought-provoking questions for you, oh wise Oracle. 🙂

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