I come in peace, bloggers. Just a casual post to check in with you and let you know what I have in store on my blog for the coming month or two.

This is the first announcement I have given, since the great blackout of 2014, so I am pleased to say that my blog has finally stabilised. While it has been a bumpy road, I have got some vague form of a routine back to my blog with articles being posted almost daily. One of the bigger changes is that I often do not post anything on a Sunday these days. This has become something akin to my day off, which lightens my load a little bit. Also, today this announcement will take the place of any music articles. I’d rather come up with something substantial than having to force something out onto writing, as I think you only deserve my posts that have had nothing but my undivided attention. I know that this means that my site has become very review-based, and I don’t really do dissections of movies anymore, but I don’t really have the time to come up with anything overtly original.


My schedule is going to be jam-packed over the summer with three jobs splitting my time. My main job is at a supermarket, which I am disliking more and more every day. I understand that it is not the kind of job I am meant to particularly enjoy and its purpose is to pay the bills, but it often sucks up time that I do not have. My second job is working with children with special needs. This job I love to pieces, but it is getting very demanding as of late and I might have to spend evenings swatting up on various medical conditions. Also, just around the corner is a potential third job, which I really cannot divulge any information on, as it is not my place to say. It could turn into nothing, but it is where my true passion for working lies and I am exciting to be a part of it. Then, there is of course this blog, which I try to squeeze into my life wherever I can. The standard article takes little time to write, but when I have to watch entire television seasons and the latest movies, it does become a very time-consuming project. I have absolutely no intention of giving it up, but I also need to make time for a fifth thing, my creative writing which could hopefully lead to more long-term employment. The irritating thing is that I had a week of free time to work on my extra-curricular writing, but I met a hot girl and… well, I lost a lot of time in her bed. No regrets.

But I am determined that this will not beat me. I have so much on the horizon and I am far too invested to just throw the Oracle of Film away, especially when it nearly crashed a few months ago. Tomorrow is the Question of the Month article, which is always an absolute blast to be a part of. This will be followed by review after review of current movies, TV and games, with a few classics I have been meaning to write about for a long time thrown in for good measure. June will of course feature a review of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which is so beyond awesome, it needs a new word. Is SuperCinemaParrotDiscoExpealadoscious taken? Also, hopefully around August time, I will be focusing on some TV round-up of the year? I have decided that my blog shall recognise Fall, as the start of a new year in terms of TV, as it is easier to talk about the seasons, when they have all drawn to a close. We shall have Best Actor/Actress of 2014, Best Stand-Alone Episode, and a lot more. I am excited for that and the clear winners might not have it in the bag.

This is all on top of entries I have prepared for other blogathons. You saw my article for Zoe, but I have the Silver Screen Serenade and Shitfest coming up. My project for Cara could very well be the most fun and awesome thing I have made for WordPress yet. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Lot of love,
Luke ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ Abbott

9 thoughts on “Announcement 31st May 2014

  1. Good lord you’re busy! Lol. Good for you to be able to juggle so much and still post almost every day. Hope that potential job works out for you! And as for that video for the blogiversary…OMG I AM SERIOUSLY DYING TO SEE THIS!!!

  2. You must tell us if the potential job comes to fruition inquiring minds want to know and spending time with a hot girl is never time wasted so good job. Juggling jobs and writing is always hard, keep up the good work!

  3. “the irritating thing is that I had a week of free time to work on my extra-curricular writing, but I met a hot girl and… well, I lost a lot of time in her bed. No regrets.” Woof. You dog! Haha 😀

  4. Man, I do not envy your schedule. I once worked four jobs, and it was such a drain on my life, it’s all I ever did. Best of luck, hoping the new one works out if it is something you have a passion for!

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