Very recently, music has become a very good source of comedy. I am not sure where it started, but in my opinion, The Lonely Island and Weird Al Yankovich kicked off this trend. Music has always been a very serious topic, with the rock and roll era pretty much governing culture shifts in the 60s and usually being about serious topics, like heartbreak and tiger eyes. Someone, somewhere along the way, decided that music was too up its own ass and came out with hilarious songs that turned music on its head.

Of course, when it started becoming mainstream, comedians on Youtube began looking through music as a potential tool to convey the jokes they wanted to tell. Most of these songs are funny, but the best ones are always the songs that actually work as great tracks in their own right. For example, certain comedy singers have such good voices that if you tune out the jokes and just focus on the music, you will find yourself being impressed. Below are three songs that never wanted to be anything more than a quick laugh, but worked so well, you could feasibly listen to them to chill out.


This song needs some context. Jack Douglass is probably my favourite Youtube comedian. He has a way of moving through the obvious joke and coming up with total new material with whatever subject matter he takes on. One of his sketches, Your Grammar Sucks took off and it was so successful it became a weekly video series. It is essentially what it sounds like; Jack scours Youtube for all of the worst comments and just reels them off on his show, taking the piss out of how bad the Internet’s grammar really is. For his 50th episode milestone, he decided to do something special, throwing together several sketches and parodies. My favourite was the segment, where he finds song lyrics on Youtube. Some commenter decided to run his up and coming song, ‘Oh, Baby Don’t Cry’ by another Youtube singer, but the words were riddled with so many spelling mistakes, when Jack stumbled across them, he couldn’t help himself but get together his friends and sing that song, mistakes and everything.

First, yes, that is Adam Busch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Secondly, I love that Jack has taken this guy’s terribly thrown together lyrics and made a decent tune out of it. It is the way everyone takes it deadly seriously, throwing every musical talent they possess into the mix and really going for it. I really hope this commenter finds his song on Youtube one day and I hope he doesn’t get annoyed at this, because, if it was me, I would love the recognition. Reasons like this are why I love Jacksfilms and appreciate the comedy genre in music.


There are so many of these on Youtube, so please have a little scan around for them in your free time. For this article, I will include my favourite – Toby Turner’s musical take on ‘Dead Island: Riptide’.

The idea is that Toby will take a trailer from a movie, TV show or game (the games are usually the best), and he just sings what he sees. By the time, the above song came out, he was very practiced at this style of singing, so he thinks of new ways to earn laughs. Riptide is one his funnier songs and it has me in floods of laughter every time. But the real charm is how good a singer Toby really is. His voice is incredible. This particular song shows off a few of his ranges, especially the high-pitched one that really amazes me every time. Toby Turner has so many songs out there and because of his voice, he could be one of the more talented comedian singers out there right now.


But my favourite comedy song there is easily this one, because it is like nothing else I have heard on Youtube before. If you cannot view this clip, it is essentially this editor, Swede Mason, chopping and cutting through loads of Masterchef footage (a British cooking reality TV show), and adding a dubstep backing track to the mix. What follows is pure hilarity, as these two cooking show judges perform dubstep at its finest. The facial expressions, their choice of words, the climax of the song resulting in some of the catchiest dubstep around. Watch this without smiling is a sure-fire way to prove you have no soul.

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