Something a little different for my fan film review today. This following clip isn’t technically a fan film. It is a sketch by Bad Lip Reading, a Youtube channel that dubs the sound of popular songs, movies and series and comes up with an amusing video. This is their take on Game of Thrones and it is one of the most funny things I have watched online in a very long while. That, coupled with the fact that Game of Thrones is all the rage right now, means that it seemed like the perfect time to show it to you, my fellow readers.

Bad Lip Reading have always been a little hit and miss for me. Their videos are never anything less than funny, but they have always seemed a little trial and error. Take their other popular video, the Walking Dead. It is funny, especially the terrific scene with their version of the Governor, but it always feels like a bunch of sketches lined one after the other. Funny, but they are only as good as the current joke. However, when they took on the tough job of taking on Game of Thrones, crammed with personal favourites that they needed to depict perfectly, they changed their game plan. What followed was nothing less than brilliant.

The trick they use here is making the whole thing a faux-trailer. They change the plot, so Eddard Stark, or Eddie as he is known here, is a bloke trying to get together a Medieval theme park. However, all of the staff, the other characters in the season, are basically lazy idiots. Then we are thrown from character to character, introducing their traits and a few gags, just like we would be with an actual comedy trailer. The result is absolutely amazing. The jokes might still take on a sketch format, but because they are all connected, the clip ends up becoming a snowball of laughter. The first jokes hit you and then the next one makes you laugh a little harder, until you get all the way to the end. By that point, you are actually on the floor, rolling around in laughter. Not a single joke misses the target.

They get every character perfectly. Joffrey, or JoJo, is exactly as he would be if he wasn’t King of the Iron Throne, but a character in a stoner comedy. Someone figures out that Jaime Lannister as a very peculiar way of talking, as if he is thinking over everything he says. The voice they stick him with works incredibly well. Sometimes the lip-reading doesn’t even have to be funny; sometimes the words they pick work so well with the moving lips, it is impossible to resist laughter. Take Daenarys’ Denise character. Watching her talk about drinking the night before with the same passionate body language she uses all the time in the show, is just too perfect not to laugh to. My personal favourite is Littlefinger. They just take the character and go wild with him. I now have to watch the original series to figure out what he is actually doing without these jokes piled over the storyline. Every movement he makes is totally random.


The sad thing here is that we will never get this again. It just wouldn’t work a second time. The most common reaction I have seen after I show a friend this clip is that they would pay to see someone actually make a movie and turn the faux-trailer into an actual comedy with clips from the show. However, that wouldn’t work as well. The trailer format helps keep everything at exactly the right time and speed. Also, there are moments when the writers cheat slightly and cut away, so they can have a character’s speech carry on that little bit longer. We forgive them, because that is common in a trailer. However, they could rarely do the same thing with a feature-length show. Also, I just like this as a capsule of brilliance. It is the flashes of other characters reacting to jokes, the uplifting music at the end of the trailer, the end gag. It just works too well as a trailer to attempt again.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Bad Lip Reading

  1. LOVE the Bad Lip Reading stuff. I’ve seen a few of them, and they never fail to crack me up. Actually, I’ve seen this one before. Heelarious. 🙂

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