And we’re back. This analysis of the Voice is so large that I had to break it down into two articles for you. My little brother has really outdone himself this time. Please give him a like and a comment for all of his hard work. But not too many. I don’t want to be overshadowed on my own bloody website. I am not Eric Isaacs.

Team Tom

Sally Barker: Sally finished in the final three, however she failed to win the competition. Her voice was emotional and she definitely felt her songs whilst performing them. Ricky said she had the power to hit the back of the room and bounce her vocals off the walls into everyone’s hearts. She was always a favourite to win, she was always going to go the furthest in Team Tom, especially after being the constant first choice both through Tom and through the public.

I believe she could have been a nice winner, however it would have run a current theme with the recently released X Factor show. After Sam Bailey won, it proved that you didn’t need the right age or looks to be a star and Sally winning would have somewhat copied that message. Also, I feel she didn’t win because her song choices were all made by Tom choosing old classics and she needed more songs to relate to the audience for them to recognise and then she may have won the competition.

Bizzi Dixon: Bizzi was definently a soulful and gospel powerhouse with a very talented voice. He was very memorable for his signature “Bizzi Pose” and his charismatic personality. His song choices were mixed and he constantly twisted songs into soul. He could have won however he was always slightly weak in standing out in comparison to other competitors and I believe Sally’s back story and emotion made her pretty much unbeatable.

Georgia Harrup: This girl came on quiet dubbed as ‘Adele’s cousin’. I never saw her going far and was surprised when she managed to win the battles, constantly using the Adele card and her former weight and marriage problems to get forward. However, to my surprise, she completely changed when it came to the knockouts. She came on with a smile and gave a Bob Marley song a Jazz twist and when she dropped the jaws of the judges. She passed through and did the same for ‘Money on my mind’. She was a formidable contestant and was unfortunate to be drawn with Bizzi and Sally.

Team Ricky

Christina Marie: The Bristolian powerhouse was my personal favourite and she unfortunately failed to win the competition, despite being runners up. Her voice was strong and I was surprised at the fact she could hold vocals without needing to take a breath in between. She performed songs such as ‘I Have Nothing, Power of Love, Bang Bang, Fix You, Everlong and Vision of Love. I feel she was always the favourite when it came to Team Ricky and every perfomance she hit, Ricky’s adversary judges became more and more scared of her.

I believe she didn’t win because she started too strong. She came on the show nailing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey songs and instantly proving she was a star and deserved a place in the final. Contestants like Georgia, Jermain and Lee showed that they were improving during the show, whilst Christina stayed at 100%. Despite the fact I felt she had the best voice, I also believe she didn’t have a strong enough back story to win the public votes.

Chris Royal: Chris came to show performing Wake Me Up and hit some tremendous high notes, earning a spot in Ricky’s crew. He went on to knock out the only rock voice in the show, Jaime Lovatt, and was Ricky’s first choice in the knockouts. He was a contant favourite, however his performances ran a little dry and as it came to the final two, it was evident his voice was no match to Christina’s, especially when they performed You Really Got Me with Ricky. Despite this, he brought a unique performance to the show.

Emily Adams: This girl, debatably, didn’t deserve to pass through the knockouts. People feel her team had an extremely better voices, however Ricky saw something in her and trusted his instinct. Her Aguleira-like tone was very enjoyable though and she had some awesome song choices. However, she never really stood up to Chris and Christina and was always going to end up third. The Blackpool girl will walk away proud of reaching where she did though.

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