This season of the voice was the best yet in my opinion, not only was it (in the words of Will.I.Am) “Fresh” with 2 new coaches in the form of foxy Kylie Minogue and the rocky Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs, but the voices were ramped up and even better. In the end, it saw Jermain take the victory giving Will.I.Am his first victory of the series. I will say what I think about the live contestants, how they could have won it, if they were cheated and why they were hopeless.

Team Will.I.Am

Jermain Jackman: Our winner Jermain was a unique talent who brought a soulful touch to the voice, which while having been done over and over, Jermain and Will managed to mix modern songs into his own, such as Treasure and Wrecking Ball. One would suggest he had the best low tone of the series too with his signature “Scooby Doo impression” in his songs. His end performance, alongside Will.I.Am, was the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, which was definitely a factor towards his victory, as it brought a new taste to show bringing movies into a show about music.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say he didn’t deserve to win; however I do believe his voice wasn’t the best and his background played a major role towards the public dialling his allocated number. As he comes from a rough part of London and he is into politics and aims to be the first singing prime minister, he represented those from tough backgrounds in the show, thus he gained support. I believe he should have reached the final, but the victory was unfortunate in my opinion, as the Voice is designed to avoid discrimination. However, once the auditions are over, we get to know the characters, meaning that guilt trips and sympathetic victories sadly do happen. I feel the same happened last year with Andrea Begley.

Sophie May Williams: Sophie was a completely different touch to the show; she was the sole jazz star and her crystal-like voice made Will buzz for her. Despite the awesome songs that she kept bringing to the table, she only managed to scrape in as Will’s 3rd and final choice at the knockouts. This is because her style became slightly dull, as she chose songs unheard by the public. Then surprisingly and against character, in the semi finals, she twisted a modern song of “Royal” by Lorde. This attracted attention to her and if she did this move earlier she might have gone the whole way. However, as it turned out, it was too late and Jermain’s soul was no match. If she played the modern twist card earlier, she may have beaten the series winner.

Iesher Haughton: Despite being Will’s first choice from the knockouts, she was the first to go from the live quarter final. She had an amazingly powerful voice for such a tiny girl; she had Will spinning around straight away and ever since he favoured her. She appeared to be a favourite for the show, however she went down in flames when she committed a destructive mistake: picking songs way out of her depth. Her first live performance saw her attempt “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit and many viewers saw it as poor. Jess Glynne’s voice is a huge risk and it appears to be one that didn’t pay off. If she picked the right song, she may have gone the whole way.

Team Kylie

Jamie Johnson: Jamie finished last in the final. His pop tone and good looks saw him do well in Kylie Minogue’s team. He was a favourite within Kylie’s team for a while and he, and runner-up in the team, Lee Glasson, were always going to be neck and neck, despite their close friendship. The only reason Jamie did slightly better was due to song choice, such as “Sex on Fire” which showed variety. This contestant was also memorable for making Kylie his roadie.

I believe Jamie could have never won competing with the finalists. It was always going to be between Jermain, Sally and Christina. This is because I believe there are way too many voices like Jamie’s in the charts and the radio nowadays. This means no one would buy a record of a voice that already over-saturates the market. Also, his personality came across as slightly annoying in my opinion. I believe some viewers preferred the personalities of other contestants.

Lee Glasson: Lee was the show’s very first voice for this season, getting four turns as he twisted “Out of my Head” (a Kylie classic), and since then became a favourite. However, similarly to Sophie, his style began to fade and lose steam. He never really did anything to change it, meaning that Lee took the victory. However, I do believe Kylie finished last this season, as she did have the weakest team, with a bad gender balance and a lack of variation. I believe her contestants were never really competition.

Rachel O’Connor: Rachel was the shows youngest star, aged only 16. She finished third in the team, because she was too similar to other voices in the charts. She basically followed the same theme of pop-based singers, resulting in a lack of variation in the team. Despite her angelic tones and talented range, her song choices weren’t the best in my opinion and I believe other people from Kylie’s team were eliminated from the knockouts, when they could have won the competition. For example Leo, Jai and Femi especially deserved a chance at the victory. I believe these three were all more suitable choices.

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