I have some terrible news, fellow readers. My blog shall be out of action for two to three weeks. Sadly, my computer crashed last night. The hard-drive died of old age (or did it? Further investigation revealed an open window in the near vicinity. The lead suspects are rumoured new stalker, Miguel. Any information on this shiny-looking murderer will be welcome on Twitter.), and it has been shipped off for repairs. This could take a very long time and I am unsure if I will even get my old data back. So basically I have lost months worth of work (scripts, manuscripts, porn… it’s a very stressful time for me.)

Because I don’t want you to wonder why the Oracle of Film is suddenly refusing to post anything, I have borrowed a nearby computer to quickly throw together this apology post. There will be no Oracle of Film for the next few weeks, which is a crying shame, because I had so much planned for the next few weeks! The Walking Dead! How I Met Your Mother! I do have a habit of pre-posting my articles, so there will be a few posts slipping their way through the carcass of this blog. I have an Unbreakable review on its way soon.

I will be able to give you Game of Thrones Day on April 6th. While it was unfinished (sadly, a video I made for the 6th, known only as the Game of Thrones Drinking Game, was also lost, which would have been the piece de resistance of the day), there still be some articles coming your way. There will be a discussion on the books, on the upcoming video game and also a review on the third season. Hopefully that is enough Oracle of Film to satisfy your Luke cravings.

Sadly, this means that Question of the Month, along with Stalker Saturday, will be postponed. This is what I am most upset about, because you guys gave me my best load of answers yet and I couldn’t wait to share them. Luckily, they were saved by email, but until my laptop is returned to me, I cannot post it. Have faith in me. I shall return!

Lots of Love,
Luke ‘Psycho-Social’ Abbott

6 thoughts on “Oracle of Film: Dead? Or Alive?

  1. Oh noooo! I can’t believe I’m just now hearing about this! Your poor computer! What’s the status? Any chance of an earlier recovery? And…ahem…sorry about Miguel. He just gets…excited. I have informed him that we fight crime, not laptops. He still sometimes has trouble distinguishing between the two.

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