I am looking forward to February. Two new features (one I might have emailed about, one you haven’t heard about until two paragraphs in the future), will be starting up and Telltale Games are rearing up their heads again.

New feature number one: Question of the Month. I have emailed a couple of you a question about something movie related and soon I am hoping I will get enough replies in to publish my first article. Basically, I am hoping for a collage of replies from you, my fellow bloggers. This will happen once a month if I can get a fast enough reply and hopefully will become a nice, bright feature for my blog. The response I have already got are really awesome and varied, bringing up an interesting debate. If I could get those answers in really sharpish, I will post the article on the first Sunday of February. Check your emails, you might have a message from me. If not and you want to take part, email me on shl00801@myport.ac.uk and I will explain what I want you to do. The more, the merrier.

My other new feature is B-Movie Wednesdays. My University friends once told me that I don’t watch enough B-Movies. Sure, there is something great about a movie filled with A-Lister stars and a snappy script, but there is something relaxing about watching a cheap movie with absolutely no standards. I have watched four B-Movies that vary in terms of style and quality. Some of them are a stupid amount of fun and some of them are a stupid… stupid, just stupid, really. But therein lies the fun. If you guys like them, this will also turn into a once a month thing also, hopefully getting two ongoing features on the go, which will give you guys something to look forward to every month. You know, an escape from the actual crap I usually come out with.

Oh, and a third feature I totally forgot about. Go onto my home page and you might notice that I have my chosen song of the week posted on the left of the webpage. That will change every Sunday and is something I felt like sharing. A small difference, but in case it interests you, it is there for your perusal.

So what else does February have in store for you? I have so much gaming articles to share with you, but I have had to postpone everything, while waiting to see if the rumours that ‘Wolf Among Us’ and the ‘Walking Dead Game’ will actually be returning to us this month, are true. Music-wise, tomorrow, I shall pick apart the BRIT award nominees (better late than never). And TV has really taken off. ‘The Following’ is back and every day seems to have a new show returning from their mid-season break. And the Walking Dead is returning to us for Valentine’s Day. I am kept very busy, so my TV articles shall resort to older reviews. Of course, that means another season of Castle and hopefully some more Game of Thrones.

So stay tuned. February has turned a bit experimental and I hope you guys like some of these new features. Except for you, Katniss. Shut up, Katniss!

Lots of love,
Luke ‘I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the Rain’ Abbott

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