As promised, here is my latest Youtube video:

This video is basically me quoting all of the amusing spam comments and weird Google search terms I have received during the making of this blog. Thank you all for your continued support of this website and this is my way of saying thank you. Please don’t mock the goatee too much.

Lots of love,
Luke ‘Girls like the Bass in the Back’ Abbott

11 thoughts on “Anniversary Video – Funny Search Terms

  1. Your search terms are hilarious. Drugs bring people here. And your cat was spying on you! 😮

    Congrats on the year. Love this place.

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  3. Kirsten Dunst is questionable hahahaha!

    Sorry, these videos are usually blocked here at the office but I am getting through today so major catch up.

    Dammit you’re drinking again hahahaha!

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