To celebrate my 22nd birthday, we, at the Oracle of Film, decided to partake in a movie quiz. However, there is a catch. Whenever I answer a question wrong, I have to take a drink of Disaronno and Coke.

Before you watch this video, I must warn the viewer that I do get a little tipsy and… inappropriate. There are racist jokes and quite a bit of swearing near the end. Also, I make a joke about my little brother being underage and drinking. Despite him looking like a baby chipmunk, he is actually 18, so no disapproving looks, people!

So without further ado, enjoy and thank you for all your support. Merry Christmas

From Luke ‘Bonkers’ Abbott

18 thoughts on “Oracle of Film Birthday Special

  1. “Evanavense”. Also, I’m a Japanese studio! That was brilliant. “Mum’s gonna kill me!” You have to do another one of those. I should do one of those. I couldn’t drink Disaronno and coke though, blueecchh. Impressed with the speed you both necked that, have to say.

    Shut up Katniss.

  2. Man this thing is hysterical!!!

    1) I like the shout out

    2) I got a few more of them right : )

    3) I laughed my ass off

    4) You guys can whip out a nice Sean Connerry

    5) HYSTERICAL – I want to write about it : )

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  4. I must have missed this while on holiday but LOL! Luke, this was incredibly entertaining, LOVED it. You pour yourself pretty stiff drinks sheesh!

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