I am worried, guys.

2015 might be a long way off, but there have been rumours flying around all over the place for what the content of this movie actually will include. In fact, this could one of the most talked about movies at the moment, which is bizarre because we have so long to wait, before we even get that very first trailer. Well, what have we heard so far? Superman will be facing up against big baddie, Lex Luthor, and somewhere in that mix, fan favourite, the incredible Batman, played for better or worse by Ben Affleck, will make an appearance, as an older, grizzled superhero veteran. Robin, played by Justin Bieber, may also show up, but LOL, seriously, I am not buying that for a moment.

Everything I have heard about this movie sounds… well, awful. It sounds great as a movie, in some aspects, but for a franchise, which we are being told is the main game plan here, this could be a disaster waiting to happen. Usually, when we are given these early whispers about a movie, in the back of our mind, we disregard them. I am sure the director knows what he is doing. However, whenever that logical thought enters my mind, I look back at Man of Steel, which, while being fun and action-packed, handled characters and themes terribly. Therefore, no, I do not trust Zack Snyder to know what he is doing and that is one of the saddest conclusions I have come to when discussing this movie.


Where are these plans going wrong? Well, I hate to admit it, but there is far too much Batman going on. I never in a million years thought that any problem could be solved with less Batman, but Zack Snyder has driven me to it. Man of Steel’s main problem was the fact that there were too many characters in the pot and none of them got the screen time they deserved. Now, we are apparently letting the world of Batman share the screen time 50/50 with Supes. That is going to take so much exposition and that is a terrifying thought, when exposition crashed and failed with the original movie. Yes, I want Batman in this movie, but I don’t want him to be a major character. This, after all, is Superman’s movie and Batman could get in the way of the Man of Steel getting the story-telling he deserves.

Also, I have reached the decision that we, as viewers, need to wean ourselves off of Batman. He is the one DC character that we are guaranteed to enjoy watching, but in many ways, that is stopping other characters from getting the limelight they deserve. Is it just me or does the addition of Batman into the second Man of Steel movie seem like a cheap way of getting views? How many people are going to go see this movie, even if it is likely to be a flop, merely because the Bat is showing up for it? Again, this is spotlight-stealing from Superman. I might not like Superman as a character, but I really want to learn to like him. Adding Batman almost seems like an apology. (“I know everyone hates Superman, but if we give you some bonus Batman, would you please still check our movie out?”)

Ideally, we want Man of Steel 2 to neatly start an origin story for Batman, so we can continue a separate franchise for the Dark Knight. But even that has been muddied by rumours. It is said that Batman shall feature as an ageing hero, weary from years of fighting crime. That is awesome, as it follows one of the greatest Batman stories, the Dark Knight Returns. But let’s look at the bigger picture. How will this help a franchise starting? If Batman is older in Superman’s second movie, surely that means that we will never get Batman and Superman at the height of their power at the same timeframe. Therefore, any Justice League movie in the future, will not feature a completely physically fit Batman.

So yeah, again, I am worried, guys.

5 thoughts on “My Worries About The Superman Vs Batman Movie

  1. With the rumours of Wonder Woman & Nightwing also appearing, we could be in for somewhat of a superhero overload, especially with those characters getting their first appearances on screen in someone elses film, potentially. Hopefully Snyder & DC have a plan laid out though to build a cinematic universe properly.

  2. “I never in a million years thought that any problem could be solved with less Batman, but Zack Snyder has driven me to it.” – I love this. I agree completely.

    I would go see this next movie not at all for the Batman (because I don’t think he belongs in here just yet), but for Henry Cavill as Superman. I really wanted a Man of Steel 2 with the Lex Luthor doing the White Knight of Metropolis thing and what not, and I think Batman is just pissing on the parade here. I never thought there would be the day that I would say it but there we have it folks.

    I think they are also pushing way too many characters into the upcoming movie. I get why you are worried. I am too. I think it is way too soon to put the Batman back on screen (dammit man, the Dark Knight Rises really was only last year!), and they needed to give Superman to build more of his character.

    I guess now all we can do is wait and see.

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