Well, nearly… I thought I would knock up another one of my newsletters to let you know what I have in store for you this December. Honestly, I have been looking forward to this month for a while now, as I have some great ideas in store for it. December is my reflection part of the year, so I have several ‘Best of’ categories. Let’s see just how well 2013 has been for the film industry.

I am sure my film reviews will get more and more Christmassy as time goes on, accumulating into the best Christmas movie of all time on the actual day (hint: you already know what it is). As well as Christmas, it’s my birthday, so I think I might take part in some more ‘The Good, the Bad and the Disney’ on the 18th December (or perhaps my very first ‘drunk’ column). If you could get me a ‘Like’ for my birthday, that would be awesome. And on a slightly bad note, I am not going to the cinema on Christmas week, as I want ONE DAY OFF IN THE YEAR, guys, jeez! Slave-drivers.


TV isn’t really doing anything interesting at the moment, as we are all mid-season. There’s the Doctor Who Christmas special, but otherwise, I shall post some older shows and my thoughts on them. I am loving some of the shows that are currently on though. Arrow and the Walking Dead are better than ever and even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has gotten interesting (touch wood). Sadly, I haven’t even bothered trying to catch ‘Hostage’ as my schedule is packed. And I have dropped ‘The Crazy Ones’. It’s Robin Williams being funny, if you want my one-line review. Worth the twenty minutes, but sadly the weakest season on my radar at the moment.

Gaming wise, I have been keeping my options open, as I have heard that the Walking Dead game might return this December (I shall review Part 5 of the old season this Tuesday) and also ‘The Wolf Among Us’ might follow. Failing that, I am wrapping up Farcry 3 and I am chipping away at Beyond: Two Souls (sorry, it’s taking so long – I need to go borrow a PS3 whenever I want to play it). I want to get a wide spectrum for when I pick the top 10 gaming moments of 2013. Nominations are welcome in the comments.

So that’s what I have in store. I hope you are sufficiently excited. I am sure I will wish it to you much later in the month, but for now, an early Merry Christmas.

Lots of love,
Luke ‘It’s Hard out here for a Bitch’ Abbott

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