When a new artist comes out, I tend to bookmark them for big things in the future. It’s a little arrogant trait of mine that I think a few people have in them. It’s quite common now with several indie bands, suddenly hitting the big time, like Imagine Dragons, Bastille and Capital Cities. However, if we are going to talk about the future, then we should be prepared to look back at the past. At those artists that we predicted for a great career and didn’t really live up to it. Even if they are booming artists, and in fairness, all of them are, I thought they would take a different approach with their albums that never really happened. Therefore, when I hear these artists, I just feel sad for what could have been.


Tulisa’s career has been a rollercoaster of up and downs. She began in urban rap band, N Dubz, that brought an original style to a worn-out genre. Their songs were all about how they slowly overcame the odds to become a successful group. It was a message that a lot of musicians stuck in the poor districts of the UK, and everywhere really, could aspire too. However, then we all found out that N Dubz hadn’t put much effort into their career, but had just made themselves famous with their rich uncle’s money. I have nothing against that, but it is a bit cheeky to make out that you were a struggling youth when you were anything but. Luckily, N Dubz went down a different route with a clubbier album and we all forgave them.

Then the sex tape came out, when Tulisa was at the height of her fame. It was a devastating blow to her career, suddenly putting her in a very awkward light. But once again, she bounced back, becoming a national treasure for a short time. It accidentally made ‘Young’ such a more three-dimensional single. She was the role model for every girl out there who had done silly things as a kid, but was still standing strong and ready to move on from their mistakes as a stronger person. A BRIT-winning career had just wrote itself for her. All she had to do is follow it for at least an album and she was almost guaranteed a hit.

And then it turned out she was selling drugs on the side. There will be no bouncing back from that one. She was very anti-drugs as well, which made her image even stronger. When fellow band member, Dappy, was caught snorting illegal substances, she was the one who came hardest down on him. It wasn’t even as though she needed the money – riches were right there in front of her if she stuck to the path thrown at her. But as it stands, the world lost a strong British female role model.


Timbaland’s music is phenomenal. He always releases a song that sounds completely different from any other song out there. Justin Timberlake has him to thank for reaching the top of male musicians. Sexy Back is a fantastic song and it is only the tip of the iceberg when it came to that terrific album. He could be one of the greatest DJs out there, the talent and potential to be a great music producer. And he is, but he sticks to a set group of artists and rarely wanders out of that circle.

Imagine if he did a David Guetta. His album could have a different star turning up each time, delivering us a wide range of singles. But he could be better than Guetta, who has a specific sound that can be traced in each of his songs. However, Timbaland shakes up his style every time. He has released songs for other artists like Katy Perry and Flo Rida, but they are never his best stuff that we want to be hearing from this great producer. If he decided to give someone who isn’t either Timberlake and Nelly Furtado a chance, he could be in the charts a lot more than he is.


‘Locked Up’ is a very important song in Hip Hop and I thought it marked Akon as one of the most interesting figures in Hip Hop. As the song tells us, he was released from prison and was ready to turn his life around, caught up in the Hip Hop fantasy that saw him break into a house and steal TVs Grand Theft Auto style. In a genre caught up with being hard and tough, often breaking the law to prove so, it was refreshing to see an artist urging his listeners to change their ways. Hip Hop could be about something other than this macho persona and Akon was the singer who could hammer that idea home. Then he came out with this song…

Snitch is about Obie Trice and Akon getting out of prison and immediately going after the snitch that put them in there. It is implied he is murdered, or at least beaten to a pulp. This is a total 180 turn for Akon and is just like every other Hip Hop song out there. You probably never heard of it, because it is lost into the vast array of macho rap songs. Akon was onto something good and now he is just like any other RnB singer out there, hanging onto David Guetta for a good hit. Now that is wasted potential if I ever saw it.

One thought on “3 Missed Chances in the Music Industry

  1. All very true points, however, I still think that Timbaland is very adored, regardless of the talent he’s been associating himself with. Akon, on the other hand, who knows what could have happened with that guy. The soft-spoken rap thing kind of got old after awhile, hence why you barely hear his name mentioned doing anything anymore.

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