Hey readers. I haven’t posted an announcement like this before, but current events have persuaded me to write a more personal article to let you know what’s coming up on my blog this month. Who knows? I might make this a monthly thing, or maybe I will just save it for when I have big news to share with you as soon as I can.

Sadly, it’s bad news this week. I will not have a review for a new release this Friday. Work have offered me some additional shifts that take up pretty much every opportunity I have to get myself to the cinema this week. I need the money, as I am dirt broke (fingers crossed, Thursday I will get some money owed to me though). Since leaving University and moving back with my parents, the cinema has become a good drive away and not only do I have to find free time in my schedule, but I need to get a lift there too. And then when I do find a time that me and a friend or parent can take me to the cinema, there needs to actually be something worthwhile on. Hopefully, this will be an one-time thing and I cannot apologise enough. I will post a classic movie review on Friday instead… maybe two of them.


While I’m here, I’ll share some news on what I have in store for you in the near future. Halloween is coming up, so I thought I would shake things up and post multiple horror movie reviews. Rather than have a general film article on Sunday 27th and Wednesday 30th, I will post a horror movie from the past, as well as two reviews on Monday 28th. I have already picked one that I am excited to share with you and there’s still time to request any horrors you want me to have a look at.

As I said at the start of the month, I am going through several TV seasons and trying to get them out to you, as soon as I have watched them. As well as the eight American shows, there are a handful of BBC shows I am planning on reviewing (Orphan Black is the best thing on TV at the moment, so I recommend checking out BBC iPlayer for that). Sadly, they will not be out for a while, but I have some pretty decent TV season reviews coming out, starting this Thursday, so stay tuned for that.

Games are going a bit slower, as I haven’t been able to afford any of the new releases. That is soon to change as I am going to get GTA V, Arkham Origins and the new Telltale game, The Wolf Among Us, as soon as pay day comes around. As well as that, I have been checking out some Nintendo releases that I have managed to borrow (including the new Pokemon!) and I shall try to do the same for PS3 classic, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’. Bear with me and hopefully I will manage to get through some of them.

Finally: music. I have some interesting stuff planned, but the X Factor will not be discussed. I simply have run out of time to keep up to date with it. Again, my apologies.

So that’s my first newsletter for Oracle of Film. I am sorry for Friday, but I will keep my content exciting to make up for it. Thank you all for staying tuned and reading my site. Your support means the world to me. Check out some of the blogs I have been subscribing to recently as well. They are also really interesting to read. Thank you for your time.

Peace out.

Luke ‘Fill up my cup, don’t ever stop’ Abbott

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