A movie blog has annoyed me recently (don’t worry, it’s not a WordPress one, guys!). Why? I have noticed a trend in their arguments. I am not the kind of guy that says that someone’s opinion is wrong, but I think that bloggers need to have a way of voicing those opinions. As bloggers, people come onto our sites to hear our opinions, so at the very least, we have to make our websites worth their time. As a rule, I tend to not write about anything, unless I can shed some new light on the subject. I wanted to write about the Miley Cyrus incident, when the twerking story broke on the news, but because I had nothing new to say, I kept my mouth shut (aside from a few sarcastic tweets).

This blog in particular has a habit of jumping onto bandwagons, almost as if the goal of the website is to get as many people as possible to agree with them. No one comes away learning anything new from these articles. As a result, these articles often summarise every little thing that annoys me about the public and their interference with cinema.


I get that sometimes it is nice to vent steam on movies that sound really bad. But at the same time, how can we truly judge a movie before we have even seen it? Sure, we can complain about how odds are Ben Affleck will be the worst case scenario, but there’s only an extent we can take that argument. Odds are that Zack Snyder knows what he is doing. People are employed with the sole purpose of casting people, therefore they must have an idea of how Ben Affleck can bring the best out of the movie.


The other example that keeps coming up is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It is so out there that this certain website likes to tell everyone how bad it is going to fail. I mean… there are a lot of good Marvel movies out there, waiting to be made, so that honour shouldn’t go to a gun-slinging raccoon. But that’s the exciting thing. It is so out there, it has to be being made for a reason. Marvel has a massive game plan going at the moment. Iron Man 3 might have been amazing, but it was little more than a move on a chessboard. I have nothing against commenting on your doubts in a movie, but dedicating entire articles onto how a movie is going to bomb is going a little too far, when you have no more insight into that movie than everyone else.


Yeah, I get it. Reboots usually suck. Total Recall failed and Robocop will probably be another disaster at the box office. Reboots drag a good movie out into the box office again and end up hurting it, rather than helping it, despite the best intentions. It is hard to heavily criticise people for mocking reboots when I am often likely to roll my eyes at the first mention of a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ reboot. Maybe I am coming across as slightly hypocritical.

However, at least I try to give these movies a chance. We only ever seem to talk about the bad reboots, but what about the movies that prove that reboots could actually work. Batman Begins is an amazing movie and saved the Batman movie franchise. The Sherlock Holmes reboot was incredible. The Incredible Hulk built on a Marvel character that was, quite frankly, deemed too simple for a feature film. And don’t even get me started on how fantastic the 2012 Dredd movie was. Surely with these great reboots hanging around the movie archives, it is a little hasty to criticise a reboot before we have even heard much about it.


I kind of feel sorry for people who think this. These are the people whose favourite movies is something from the 80s (Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, Aliens) and wish that cinema could be more like them. There is nothing wrong with having a favourite movie from several decades ago. My own is Die Hard. However, I am still willing to accept more modern movies, rather than looking at all the new releases with complete apathy.


These people don’t understand that cinema is an evolving movement. Film-makers are always trying to top themselves and find new styles. Twists need to get smarter. Horror movies need to find new tricks. Comedians need to find new topics to get jokes from. Sure, Die Hard is fantastic, because it is a simple action movie, but if someone was to write a ‘simple’ action movie, without finding a new direction to approach it from, they would be criticised as unimaginative. Action movies have gotten more story-based (see the Matrix) in order to survive.

Every now and then, these people test the waters and see a new movie. Their response is often: that was OK. An internet writer I follow watched ‘Avengers Assemble’ and his only response was a nod of approval. At least he wasn’t criticising it, but he commented that he was returning to his home to watch re-runs of the old Batman movies, rather than risk a modern movie again. Personally I would hate to live like that.

2 thoughts on “3 Things I Am Sick About People Moaning About

  1. I tend to avoid blogs like that, I just don’t understand how you can call yourself a movie blogger and then refuse to step outside of your comfort zone and watch something you normally wouldn’t. Also you make a great point about people who judge something before they even see it. Sure, you can have doubts about a particular project and voice them, but I don’t get the vitriol directed at some of the up and coming films in the pipeline.

    Sometimes people just get stuck in their ways I guess! Sounds pretty boring to me. ;D

  2. Great article, friend!! I don’t really understand why they picked GOTG to go with but… it wasn’t my decision. Hopefully it will be good. I think Marvel should go balls out and make Earth X : )

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