How many times have you heard a rumour about an upcoming sequel and groaned? They are going to ruin Top Gun with a sequel? A reboot of Total Recall without Arnie? It is easy to jump on the hate bandwagon, without really thinking it through.

However, I like stopping and considering the possibilities that these upcoming sequels could actually work out. Sure, this is just one avenue that these movies could go down, but I much rather anticipate the beloved franchises working out, rather than dreading the release date. If you are truly a fan of the original, surely you should at least support the return of it, especially if it is by the same director and producers that were in charge of the original. And then, if you are wrong, at least you have an awesome article on your film blog with premises that would have worked.


This was meant to be brought back to us via a TV series, but the pilot didn’t go down too well. From what I understand, the premise was an ageing Eddie Murphy behind a desk as a police chief, trying to keep his son, also a police officer, in check. I am guessing it would literally be the same kind of stuff with Axel Foley’s son as the lead, rather than Eddie Murphy. In a bizarre turn of events, although it was scraped as a TV show, it was green-lit for a movie.


Personally even I am not convinced this movie will work. There is only one thing that is keeping me interested: someone is fighting for this movie. Let’s be honest, we all laughed at the premise when we first heard it and I am sure the internet forums are reasonably enraged. This guy’s idea for a reboot is getting shat on from every conceivable angle. Yet he is persisting. When his idea failed as a TV show, he reworked it and got it made as a movie. I am sincerely hoping that he has some fresh material that can really bring the show back and make us all take back every harsh word we uttered about the idea.

And at the very least, it will be nice to have Eddie Murphy back in a good role for once (anything that doesn’t involve a fatsuit).

2 – AVATAR 2

Or should I say Avatar 2, 3 and 4.

Avatar 2 is going to happen. By 2016 if Cameron keeps to his schedule. I wasn’t insanely moved by the original – I think the hype kind of killed any enthusiasm I might have summoned up for the film. It doesn’t really strike me as something that lends itself to a sequel. We had the battle, a moral was conveyed to the audience and the film ended. Pretty standard for a stand-alone film. Where else could the movie go?

Well, as it happens, James Cameron originally planned for it to be a trilogy and somewhere along the lines, a fourth film was announced. That might dissuade some, but what this tells me is that there is clearly a game plan here. Cameron must have a story lined up, otherwise he would be mad to schedule three more Avatar films. Sure, he probably has the funds to do this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to throw his hard-earned dollars away. Avatar 2 shall confirm my thoughts. I am quietly anticipating its release.


When I first heard this news, I must admit that I groaned. Then I did a bit of digging and got some facts uncovered. The first bit of good news is that Ridley Scott is in charge, so at the very least the director will understand the themes of the franchise, as he created them. The worst thing that could happen is some fan of the original dragging a sequel kicking and screaming into the cinema. The second bit of interesting news I learnt was that Ridley was planning on a female protagonist, rather than doing another ‘Harrison Ford’ trying to do the role he did when he was so much younger.


This opens up some positive lines of thought. Basically, it is difficult to add to the specific story of the original with a brand new character. This tells me that Ridley is expanding the universe rather than Bladerunner in itself. He might have another idea where to take the idea of androids that he didn’t have time to explore first time around. I am happy to hear the director out as he builds on the Sci-Fi universe that worked well the last time.

In fact, this could be his next Prometheus. I know that many people rejected the idea, but that is mainly because they wanted to see a bloody action, which wasn’t even what the original Alien, the only one directed by Scott, was. Prometheus was everything Ridley Scott wanted it to be and the important thing is that it didn’t damage Alien. It is more of a side-note that a direct sequel. This is what I am hoping Bladerunner 2 is. Just a story in the same universe, without actually being a Bladerunner movie. Hopefully Bladerunner 2 is a studio name for the film and it will get an original, better title somewhere down the production line.

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