As anyone that follows me on Twitter knows, I have been playing Gears of War 3 pretty solidly for the last month. I enjoy the franchise, although from what I understand it is struggling. Although I haven’t got hold of it yet, I hear that Gears of War: Judgement was a bit of a let-down, according to the more vocal fans on the internet. It is a shame, because I want the Gears of War franchise to hit the heights that Halo and Call of Duty have. At the same time, I realise that the game needs a change of pace injected into it, otherwise we will soon tire of the franchise.

Another thing I realised when playing through the third Gears of War game. There are a lot of political undertones there. While fighting Myrrah, there is a sense that the COGs are the bad guys. We have built a weapon against the Lambent that will end up killing the Locust, technically making us a genocide-driven species. Her boss fight is technically her desperate last push to save her kingdom. It is little moments like this, where we begin to pity the Locust that Gears shines with some good storytelling. However, it is lost in the mindless violence that we mow down upon our enemies. Personally, I think the writers need to go further in that direction to truly get the point across that the Locust aren’t as bad as we make them out to be.


Therefore, my idea for the next Gears of War game is this: the player is a member of the Locust army. We completely switch sides and thrust the player into the character of a Locust marine. Like Marcus Fenix, his job is to lead a crack team of Locust (each with their own unique personalities that we cannot help but like), into several dangerous situations behind enemy lines. There is the clear problem of a language barrier, but I am sure that we could get around that. Myrrah looks and sounds like a human, so maybe these Locust are of a nearer breed to her. I am not sure I want them looking human, as that would kind of hurt the idea of playing something that isn’t human (also, players not bothered about the political subtext will want to play a RAAM look-alike), but maybe they have a similar voice.

I also think that, despite it being tempting, cameos from the other characters should be avoided. Sure, it would be cool to have a boss fight between your new hero and Marcus Fenix, but I think it would be hard to ask a player to merciless kill one of the most beloved gaming heroes out there. Sure, I want to see the Locust fight humans, but new faces, please. In fact, I think most of the action should be against the Lambent, as they are the mutual enemy here. Also, the Lambent can be inventive with their monsters, as it might get a little boring fighting human marines over and over again. They should be a side enemy, while the main villains are the Lambent organisms.

This makes the time frame a bit of a debate. Obviously the Locust are all murdered at the end of Gears of War 3, but if we want the Lambent involved in the game, we haven’t really a lot of options. Personally, I am for the gap in between Gears 2 and 3. I liked the idea that the Grubs went native, leaving their tunnels and salvaging scrap to make a base. I think it would be interesting to play the Locust during this stage of their life. That could be the main goal of the game: to rebuild the Locust kingdom. Sure, it means that we won’t be able to have cameos from RAAM or Skorge, but again, it might be interesting to have new faces instead.

Basically, I think that it would be a great way to expand on the Gears of War universe. I want the game to have exactly the same style as the others, but with new heroes. It would feel like playing Horde, but with a campaign. And besides, you could come to grips with all of the awesome Locust weaponry. Riding Bruhaks, Reavers and Gas Barges… but this time, you don’t have to steal them, completely over-riding the logic in the game play. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

15 thoughts on “The Next Gears of War Game: If I Was Writing It

  1. I have been thinking the exact same thing, the game should have a locust point of view where your fighting cogs, there could be a few versions like gears ones where the first one your RAMM and en up dying on thy train at the end of the game 🙂 as well as advance the online multiplayer modes, more great maps and more interaction

  2. I feel its a good idea for story mode but for on line it has to be locust Vs. Cod. Not this Halo wanna be game. I stick to Gears 3. Judgment? Well we all know about that game. IMO- Any new Gears game should be the same way as Gears 3. Movements and actions. Just new maps maybe one or two new weaponry but option to use the ones u want and deff. 2 primary weapons! New maps, same weapons option to use new weapons, same feel and action of Gears3…. frags actions stay the same on Gears 3. Maybe new skins for Locus and Cod… Judgment is a okay game but haven’t played it I’m months. Missed the Gears or War true root game… Good Luck and Peace…

  3. I think playing as a grub or locust would be a bad idea. I began writing a short story about the Elite Cog .. the onyx guard. They r supposed to be elite so why not prove it? 4 fresh new characters, we are already familiar with the Onyx academy from Raams shadow. well hopefully the gears franchise will get a well deserved boost

  4. I think the same. It should have a locust point of view but it would kinda suck even if we did I mean playing as a locust but knowing that all your character is doing is practically useless they could only go so far with it before they filled the spaces in between E-day and the end of the locusts

  5. I love the idea of locust game
    What about this idea – we all watch monster films – and after the credits – Hmm – the big monsters are all dead – BUT 1 got away

    this would be very easy to do – I mean we are talking about a whole planet
    gears 2 they had experimental monsters in an unground sealed bunker

    it really wouldn’t be hard to to say the locusts also had something similar(nuclear bunker) and from that a new generation was born!

    then there can be a real gears 4 following on from gears 3

    we don’t know anything about why there is a human type locust so a lot could be done with that storey line!!!!

    how about that 🙂

  6. It’s a pretty good idea, but what if instead of going behind enemy lines we try to go around the cog and over lambent territory that way we get the chance to fight both, maybe even both at the same time. For a boss fight against Marcus Fenix, it would be pretty cool, but like they been saved plenty of times before maybe the same could happen here. Basically like saying we fall through a weak spot on ground or something. Or have Marcus and his team retreat into a near by building like thy did in the original.

  7. They have made changes to Judgment,, when
    I played the first few times I thought it was inferior to 3.. But now after months of play I put 3 back in and judgment is a better game,, any one who says other wise needs to play it again and see what they have done to it.

  8. SIMPLE AMAZING!!!!! the idea remakes all the story… and bring to the history another viewpoint, I think that would be good, taking in count you’ll be a simple drone or a recruit of drone training and trying to learn and survive over the world againts human and lambent…

    the idea its good my friend!!!! just be sure if some of the epic games member or programer of the game Put HORDE MODE and BEAST MODE i dont know because that its what makes a Gears of War be better than the fake it was GOW Judgement (than i think it was good too but not enought like GOW 2 or 3)…

    GOD HEAR YOU IDEA!!!! and make the programers of Gears of War beggin a project like this… also the franchise will not die yet…
    there is a lot of juice to dry before it dies…

  9. I like the idea; however I would like to see the time frame being before E-Day. Being elite Locust Marines you are fighting the Lambent. Remember there are hints of the COG knowing of the Locust and the Lambent before E-Day. You fight to hold the Locust cities against the Lambent and are finally pushed, in a desperation move, to take the battle to the humans in order to have a place to move to as you are slowly pushed out of the hallows. this would meet all of your wish list, new characters, battles against Lambents; we could learn the story behind the queen looking human, the discussions with Marcus’s father to help the Locust, all of the back story. Maybe even a mission to take out the control center for the hammer of Dawn in an attempt to prevent the hammer strike. It would be a great story and fun to play.I think it should be a long story, maybe a two disk game. In my opinion this timeline opens up many new story opportunities and would breath new life into the franchise.

    what do you think?

  10. I rather have a new Gears with another COG Team to play somewhere between 2 and 3 ore a next gen remake of the first game but it would also be cool if EPIC was gonna make normal new gears games while people can fly is working on your idea style games so that we get more gears like tryarc and activision do with COD

  11. Personally, I am not sure. It sound’s a great idea, but as we all know about Gear:Judgement, trying to keep up with Halo and CoD, turned out badly.
    As Halo is flawed with the weopon loadout system, Judgement had the same problem.
    I mean, a Class based system sounded great, but in practice, it was a bit of a disaster. The weopon loadout system could have been thought out more, and maybe more choice in choosing weopon’s.

    I for one thought having limited weaponry was a disadvantage to the Cog side. No grenade’s. What happened there ???

    A new game, based on which ever side would need to implement a new loadout system, more choice in weaponry, what you WANT to carry. But, please, no over thinking it like they did on Halo. Half the thing’s on the Halo 4 loadout’s are not even needed. It is a waste, and even a total fuck up.

    Gear’s of War 3 is the best of the Gear’s game’s, and it is also a good base to make a new game, obviously next gen would be better and more thought in it.

    Whilst I like the idea, I can not see it coming to pass, to play an extinct race, after the Gear’s game ended, is gaming suicide.

    Maybe a new enemy, new rule’s and a new beginning, in this game, you can choose your side.

  12. I’ve always wanted a Gears game with Locust as the main characters, I mean they do have brutal infighting, they’re half human/half lambent, they built Nexus in about one hundred years after being forced below along with the Hope Research Center scientists by the COG . That Myrrah is the daughter of the New Hope researchers and full Human, but other than that, you can’t really tell much about them. I want more character building for the Locust, RAAM’s Shadow only provided Locust brutality and more of their lambent based powers. (Mental communication) I’m basically just listing stuff but I really do want to know more.

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