Sam Mendes has been confirmed. A year has been set. A script is in the works. Bond 24 is happening, people. It might be a long way off yet (we have Jurassic Park, The Desolation of Smaug and maybe even Avengers: Age of Ultron to look forward to before then), but me being a die-hard 007 fan is already getting excited. Martinis twice a day and all that.

Today, I thought I would share some of my ideas for who should be in charge of making the next Bond theme tune. There have been some great ones out there, especially in the Daniel Craig era. We’ve had Adele and Chris Cornell perform some of the best tunes yet and Alicia Keys tried to make the noise of a guitar. Who do you think should get the job? Leave a comment below.


It’s that opening beat. It was meant for great moments and it would be the perfect mood to kickstart any Bond film. I have a feeling Buble had a Bond opening tune in mind, when he wrote the song. I am not the only one to think this. Fans have been crying out for Buble to get a Bond theme tune for some time now. It’s a wonder it wasn’t a done deal already. I reckon if Adele wasn’t interested, Buble would have got the job.

I am not entirely convinced. Part of me thinks it is too obvious a choice. It sounds like the great Bond tunes of old. A powerful voice bellowing long notes, like ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Goldfinger’. Don’t get me wrong, it would be epic and if Buble got the job, I wouldn’t complain. I just think that we need a more modern-sounding singer to handle the job. Therefore rather than mimicking the glory days of Bond, we as the next generation can carve out our own little place in the Bond franchise. Reverting to the kind of song that Buble would come up with could damage our chances of that.


This tune might not win everyone over for a Bond song, but personally I can see this being a good tune to have for some opening or ending credits. If not Bond, another movie perhaps. ‘Killing Time’ could even be a suitable name for a Bond film anyway. Besides, we wouldn’t have this particular song anyway, we would have another Joss Stone track and from here, we can see that she can change up her style slightly and give us a Bond song to remember.

However, again, I can’t see it. Stone already performed her own Bond tune, with the Xbox game, Bloodstone. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing song, but surely, her making another one will feel a little repetitive. A Bond song should be a stand-alone thing, a higher form of music. We are likely to never hear anything like it again. Please don’t include Madonna’s Die Another Day in this point, as it makes my entire argument invalid. Basically, Joss Stone has already had her chance in the Bond spotlight. No, my main choice for a Bond tune is…


I think that, if asked to make a Bond song, Bastille could come up with something truly amazing and unique that could go into the history books. Let’s be honest, it needs to be pretty impressive to match Adele’s amazing ‘Skyfall’, yet I have no doubt that Bastille could do it. Their music already has this epic feel to it, really bringing weight and depth to all of their songs.

My one problem is that I have a few qualms if Bastille are still going to be around by the time the next Bond is released. Don’t get me wrong, they are incredible and haven’t released a bad song yet, but I cannot judge a band until their second album cements them into the music industry. Plenty of other good bands have faded away pretty soon after a break-through album. However, maybe a Bond song is the perfect way to start a comeback album. Hopefully, Mendes already has his eye on them for the job.

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