When I began my hunt for the weirdest music video of the month, part of me knew, deep down, that this song would be the winner. It is that annoying dance tune you probably have heard on the radio with one lyric. It’s a good tune, but after one listen you are already sick of it. I can imagine DJs trimming it down into a minute and throwing it into a set, trying to get the next track out as soon as possible after. But no matter what you think of the song, today we are reviewing the music video.

The buzz word of the day is: hair. Lots and lots of hair. It opens with a room that appears to be made out of the material from the wall in ‘Get Him to the Greek’ that the stoners go mad for. In fact, I think this entire music video was made to appeal to people who are insanely high.

fuzzy speakers

A topless guy, who just missed out on being in LMFAO, begins setting the room up, each material hairier than the last. We start with the speaker, shown above, which needs to be combed before the big night (because, I hate it when my speaker looks like a sack of shit on a night-out). Then there are hairy tables placed in the room and even the speaker’s wires are covered in hair. The guy setting it up does this with an expression that says: “If anyone spills red wine tonight, I am going to rip their lungs out through their butthole.”


This man flicks a switch. Now, I am unsure, at this point, what I expected to happen. I knew something weird would happen. A lion would fall from the sky. Children would run around the room, wailing the lyrics to ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. Charlie Sheen would run in with a chainsaw. My mind raced through many possibilities, but I did not expect this to happen.



before 1

after 1

before 2

after 2

Because we all needed that extra nightmare in our lives, didn’t we, guys?

So now everyone is suddenly the love child of Chewbacca and Sean Connery, the dancing begins, switching in between topless LMFAO reject to a Wookie two weeks without a shave. Again, any stoners out there must be transfixed to the screen, a mix of amazed and terrified. The Asian girl singing, also has the vacant stare of someone who has just spent their parent’s savings on a bong. However, just as we glance at the clock and realise there is still two minutes to go, a girl walks in. OK, hands up: what material do you think her bra is made out of?


Ten points to Gryffindor! Next question: what happens next?


I think I might have a new entry in my list of ‘Strangest Things the Music Industry has tried to make Sexy’. Anyway, these two ‘things’ begin dancing to the beat and I must admit there is something weirdly appealing about seeing blonde hair body-popping to the tune. It is kind of like the curtain we all need in our lives.

real dancing, not fake dancing hmph

It pretty much continues like that, until the end of the video. Wait, what are you… NO! DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!!



I have no idea who this woman, but she dances for a bit and then is gone. She is never brought up again and the two hairy wookies just continue dancing on to the end of the song. The tune comes to a close and you are just sitting there, wondering if your life is ever going to be the same again. That is the last time you ever call this song boring again, people!

Oh. I didn't see you there.... uh.... this is awkward.

Oh. I didn’t see you there…. uh…. this is awkward.

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