So Batman Vs. Superman is a thing. My mind hasn’t quite wrapped itself around the concept yet and I am not too convinced it is going to be as good as it sounds. But until I can form a coherent opinion, my mind has found a comfort in imagining other movie crossovers that could actually be quite cool. Because, sometimes they can work. ‘Alien Vs Predator’ was actually a fairly good movie and expanded both films universes. Can we pull off the same trick once again? Leave a comment if you like the sound of these film premises or maybe you can think of two movie characters that would work even better when thrown into a movie together.


The writers have been looking for a good reason to make a Luther movie for some time now, so maybe this would be a powerful enough story to make it seem worthwhile. Each episode Luther confronts a twisted psychopath and tries to get inside their brain to figure out their next move. Well, Hannibal Lecter would be the ultimate challenge. The battle of wits between the two characters would be so entertaining to watch, especially if there’s space for a meaty part for Ruth Wilson’s chilling Alice to work with.


The catch here is that we all know how it is going to pan out. Let’s assume that this movie would act as a prequel for the Hannibal films (I don’t think there is a clear timeline for the films, so it could be a prequel for Hannibal, but the latest adventure for Luther). The film couldn’t end with Hannibal’s death and he would also probably have to get away with it, as it would muddy the franchise if Hannibal’s secret was revealed, before Will Graham figured it out. Basically, if this movie was to happen, it would need to be clever. I am sure the Luther writers would manage it. Who knows? If Idris Elba wants to move on from the show, Hannibal could be the character who manages to kill the cop.


For all intents and purposes, Beatrix Kiddo or the Bride, is a bad guy. Sure, her motives are true and we always side with her, but she still goes around slaughtering people. So, it stands to reason that for a third movie with Uma Thurman’s character would revolve around her dealing with the consequences of her actions. So who better to be tasked with the job of bringing her to justice than ex-cop, Machete. It seems like the kind of scenario that he would get caught up in.

This could be a clever little action we have on our hands here. Rodriguez and Tarantino have worked together before, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility. We love each character, so it would be tough to make a decision on who should come out on top. At the same time, as long as you toned down the serious nature and kept it to explosive fun, then this movie could really work. Just imagine the simple fun that Rodriguez usually has but with Tarantino trademarks.


Predator has already taken the crossover road, so why not add one more?


Riddick’s best films are the one where he takes on a terrifying alien that makes short work of everyone else. The Predator spends two hours killing several humans, until one hero either gets lucky, gets wise or gets a chance to team up with the Predator for a barely logical plot point. Basically, the plot of Riddick Vs Predator is already written. It is hardly a massive leap of disbelief to imagine Riddick and the Predator existing in the same movie universe and Riddick having the bad luck of landing on a planet where the Predators are lurking.

I think Vin Diesel would be game for the remake. Judging by Fast and Furious, Diesel can handle silly, fun movies, while at the same time, never losing a sense of seriousness when it needs to be called upon. All it takes is a group of bounty hunters that also get dragged into the mix and you have an entertaining few hours. The trick is to remember that the premise is so silly, you should aim for serious when writing the plot. Alien Vs Predator had a little too much fun with itself that stopped it being a break-out film that could justify the idea of a crossover. It would be nice to go into this film, wanting to see Vin Diesel fighting the Predator and actually be treated to a film with a bit of depth and staying power.

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