From the outside, Minecraft looks like the worst game ever invented. It is a downloadable program, where you are thrown into a world, comprised of only pixels. The world can be broken down and re-made into any form you choose. And that is pretty much it. If you are new to the game and you check out any video of someone hanging around in Minecraft, you will just be completely lost. It’s like Runescape without any effort put whatsoever into making a map. It makes no sense. It isn’t uncommon for you to just mock the players of this game and go about with your more mainstream games like Call of Duty.

But the truth is, until you’ve thrown yourself into Minecraft properly, you will never understand the thrill of playing the game. I used to be a non-believer. My little brothers played it and I just thought it was a trend that would fizzle out any week. However, as I explored into the phenomena that is Minecraft, I realized how amazing the game actually is. Hopefully this article will open your eyes into the potential of this game, or at the very least give a little tribute to the gamers converted to Minecraft.


Someone described Minecraft as Lego: the Computer game. That is a fair enough summary of Minecraft. You tear up the lands, collecting stone, wood and whatever rare minerals you find lurking in the earth and then rearrange them to make your own castles, homes and landscapes. Maybe you want a river going through your village. That’s easily enough done. To fully see the limits of Minecraft, check out the video below. You don’t even have to properly watch it: all you have to do is flick through it and you will see just how amazing your Minecraft creations can be.

Because you really are given an endless world, as long as you are willing to actually try and enjoy the game, you will get something out of it. Before I move onto my next point, I want to show you a video of the craziest thing I have ever seen done with Minecraft. Seeing as the game is made of pixels, some players made a stop-motion Super Mario level. That meant every image seen here meant that the creators had to tear up the landscape you see before you and remake it. How amazing is that! If you don’t like Minecraft, at the very least you have to appreciate that.


When Minecraft started, it was fun, but the players decided there could be some changes to the game. How come the only scenery was day and night? Couldn’t the creator, Notch, add some rain into the map? Maybe a new enemy? Seeing as Minecraft was created by a kid with an idea, he is fairly accessible when it comes to asking for new features. If enough people ask for something in the Minecraft forums, Notch will work at giving us those things.

How awesome is that! It is a real example of an independent game trumping the more mainstream franchises that often fail to give us what we actually want. This is why people can so easily fall in love with Minecraft, because as long as you aren’t a dick, you will get what you ask for most of the time. It is almost like an online community, helping each other every step of the way.


The thing I love most about Minecraft though is the journey to becoming the master of the lands. When you first start the game, you will probably be slaughtered your first night. When the sun goes down, you are attacked by zombies, spiders, explosive monsters called Creepers and the Ender-men (another video game monster based on the creepy Slender). It is a constant battle to stay alive. Even as you make it through your first month, slowly building up a kingdom, you are often restricted to daytime activities, as the monsters will ruin your plans at nightfall.

Think of the potential.

Think of the potential.

However, by the time, your castle is complete, the monsters become more of a nuisance than a danger. They can be dispatched with a swing of your diamond sword. You can find their spawn points and create traps out of them, using them as more of a source of minerals, rather than an opponent. There will become a point in Minecraft, where you will understand the mechanics of the game so well that you will have complete control over the world. And when you turn around and realise that you are in that position: that is one of the greatest gaming moments you will ever experience. It makes Minecraft one of the most satisfying games in the world.

3 thoughts on “3 Things People Who Don’t Play Minecraft Will Never Get

  1. While I have not played Minecraft, both of my sons love it. I see it as a “gateway” game that helps young gamers understand how cool it might be to not just play video games, but perhaps be part of the creation process.

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