I have been blogging for a few months now and I feel that I have learnt a few things. Most of my experiences have been positive – hell, I am having the time of my life writing for this website. I get to discuss and share all of the niggling movie thoughts floating around my mind and in reviewing several films, I have become inspired to begin applying for Empire magazine, to see if anyone in the big publishing world feels that they need my kind of writing in their repertoire.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. While I would recommend trying out blogging for everyone, I feel that you should be aware of some of the uglier sides of internet writing. Mainly the internet bit. I have seen blogs rise, fall and lose their way. We have lost some great bloggers, because of some of these flaws, so maybe a little guide to the pitfalls will benefit you people thinking of trying your hand at blogging.


I like to think of the internet as a black hole. You throw so much into it, but it kind of gets destroyed straight away. The black hole always craves more. One of my favourite internet sites is Cracked.com, which posts amusing articles every day. You get around five articles, although usually only one or two grabs your interest. Two articles a day is more than enough to keep you going, yet how come I always seem to find myself impatiently refreshing the page, when article time comes around. It is also the same with Youtube comedy. Lonely Island (the example I am sure everyone is familiar with), release great, funny songs, but the moment we hear them, we are instantly waiting for the next one. There is no satisfying the internet.

Someone help me think of a ca'tion. Hahahah... no?

Someone help me think of a ca’tion. Hahahah… no?

Basically, find a rhythm with your blog. When I began blogging, I was writing two articles a day. It was an insane amount of work. Not only was I struggling to find the time to write them, I was always running out of ideas what to write. I left no time in my day to allow myself to become inspired for a topic, let alone have a social life. Now, I have cut down to one article a week, which is still a lot, but I am comfortable with the work-load. The bloggers that never stick around for too long are the ones that constantly post. Sure, it seems too fun to resist at first – you have so many ideas that you want to get across. But pace yourself, because there is no way you can live up to posting that regularly for any longer than a month. Also, the quality would dilute. Even I have to admit that I have thrown a couple of dud, lazy articles into the mix, when I am rushing to get my articles out.

Another bit of advice is to write articles in advance. When I write an article, I do not post it immediately, but keep it saved on my computer (I am writing this very article 16 days before you are reading it). That way I can choose the perfect climate to post my article. It also means that I can stagger the work. If I have nothing to do all day, I can easily write four or five articles and schedule them for a later date. That way, when I have a hectic week, I am not struggling to give you guys movie articles.


The internet is a pretty dark place. People on the internet prefer to destroy work rather than create it. When you start blogging, you may find that your only commenters are pretty much outright disagreeing with your opinions. I have seen it happen so much and it is pointless trying to argue back, as the internet isn’t really a reasonable place. There is a movie blog, called Celebrityy.com that isn’t a part of WordPress. I find it on Facebook, as one of the groups I liked years back post all of their articles onto my wall. The comments on that blog are vile, outright abusing the writers (and it is more than one writer, suggesting that it is a little more professional than my own little site). It is as if they are generally offended by the authors for disliking one of their childhood movies or saying they didn’t hate Prometheus.

I don’t get this as much, because WordPress blogs are kind of one big, happy family. I worked for a site called Moonproject.com a while back, where I wrote a jokey article , saying how Tim Blake from Dark Knight Rises and James Bond in Skyfall, weren’t actually that successful in anything they set out to do (seriously watch those movies again). One commenter had a go at me for misunderstanding the movies, not getting the fact that I was being light-hearted, rather than critical. WordPress blogs aren’t bad at all. I get to approve any comment that is posted, although I rarely have to get rid of any, because everyone here is so nice (except What About the Twinkie – that guy is a dick! ;)). I am thinking of trying to profit from my website by moving away from WordPress, but I really don’t want to lose the online community we have got on here. It’s a tough choice, although I am definitely not going anywhere for a long while yet.


One thing my parents and girlfriend are constantly bringing up is that when you are writing, you look, from an outsider’s perspective, a bit lazy. While you are slaving away on writing reviews, everyone else just sees a guy spending hours on end, inside on his computer. It doesn’t help that in order to keep my articles relevant, I have to watch a lot of TV programmes.

Go away! I am writing.

Go away! I am writing.

Sure, I am sat down all day, but in sitting down, I am writing several articles (for my blog and the student newspaper), writing up my entry for the Big Break screenwriting competition and also trying to find time for all the other little projects I like to have going on. Writing is very time-consuming and until, you’ve actually got a finished project for people to browse over, no one really appreciates the effort that goes into internet writing.

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