Post-credit scenes seem to become a growing thing. Marvel loves to slip one into every one of its latest movies. Personally I am a little tired of them. I hate having to watch the entire credit sequence just to get to a small clip that is usually pretty meaningless. In the case of Iron Man 3, it was just a quick gag and a chance to get Mark Ruffalo into the movie somewhere. Most people just ignore them and wait to see them when they come out on DVD, if they even know that they are there. However, sometimes no one ever sees the post-credit scene and in the case, of the three examples below, missing out on it hurt the movie experience for the following movie.


When I went to see the Amazing Spiderman, I had no idea that there was a little sequence after the movie. Admittedly, knowing this, may have improved my opinion of the movie. I was a little annoyed when the movie simply dropped the father plotline. If I had known that it was planned to be continued in another instalment, I would have been more forgiving of it.

There isn’t really a major plot point here, other than some foreshadowing and the audience realising that something big is on the table for any sequels. Main speculation is on who the mystery character is? Is it Electro, as we know that he will take the role of the next villain? Maybe the canon is being changed slightly and Jamie Foxx needs to turn himself into Electro to regain his youth. Or is this someone different? My knowledge of Spiderman isn’t enough to answer that question I am afraid, although I am sure that there will be several fan theories surrounding the upcoming sequel.


Some people criticised the fact that the Letty twist was given away in the trailer to Fast and Furious 6. It would have been a neat mid-plot surprise if it had been hidden from the audience. Those people had no idea that if they waited past the credit sequence, there would be a short clip, where it was revealed that Michelle Rodriguez would be making a return to the franchise.

First of all we see Luke Hobbs working in a dark room, chasing after Toretto. Then he is interrupted by another agent, Eva Mendes (who is pretty much the only character not to make a comeback until now). This would have been enough for a post-credits scene. A small clip of an old character to get the fans happy. But the movie takes it one step further and Mendes reveals that Owen Shaw (villain of the sixth movie), has been spotted with Toretto’s old girlfriend, who is believed to be dead. And no one ever saw this twist. That is why the spoiler was revealed in the trailer. It was meant to get everyone on the same page.

1 – THOR

I had no idea this clip existed, until recently, prompting me to write this article. It seems silly that I didn’t check, as every Marvel movie seems to have one, but nonetheless, this one went right over my head.

And it throws so many twists at you. First, we get Selvig joining Nick Fury. That is a big deal in itself, as it begins to thread together the intricate masterpiece that was Avengers Assemble. Then it is revealed that the Tesseract is in Fury’s hands. This is also huge, as it links two of the stand-alone films together. Bearing in mind this was before we realised how connected each of the Marvel films were, this would have been a big deal if anyone stuck around to check it out. And then it hits us with Loki. That character that died a few minutes earlier in the film. Sure, no one actually believed the character had died, but we were not expecting a return this soon. And then it turns out that he has Selvig under control, which is a major plot point for Avengers Assemble.

However, because no one saw this, Marvel was stuck with the dilemma that they had revealed loads of major narrative devices to an empty audience. When we sat down to Avengers Assemble, we would have been scratching our heads at why Selvig had become a bad guy and why Loki had just returned from the dead, as if nothing had happened. This makes this scene somewhat needless, as the first scene in Avengers Assemble quickly goes over all of the twists revealed in Thor. Selvig is recaptured all over again and Loki has been missing for several years. Looking back, this post-credit scene makes little sense, which is a shame, because I would have been giggling like the fan-boy I secretly am, if I had seen it, when the movie first came out.

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