Who has heard the new Robin Thicke song? Produced by Pharrell, Thicke on the lyrics and TI chimes in with a rap. The moment I heard this song I fell in love with it. It is a fantastic piece of music that doesn’t take itself seriously and is impossible to hear without a big smile spreading across your face. The way it is going at the moment, I definitely think that this song is a suitable contender for best song of the year, even if it is slightly too early to say. At the very least, I have it pegged for best video. Why? Because it’s just so fun. Let’s break down exactly why me, and several other fans, are going crazy over Robin Thicke.



The video begins and the first thing we see is #THICKE covering most of the video. I don’t know why, but I found that hilarious. Maybe it’s just the bold letters saying Thicke that feels like it is ridiculing the whole hashtag trend, while at the same time, using it to benefit the song. It keeps popping up in the video, blocking out most of what is going on. Maybe this is Thicke being symbolic of how Twitter is ruining entertainment. I don’t know. It just amused me somewhat, so it’s going on the list.


I love the dancing in this video. From now on, this is how I dance to every song. It is kind of like a drunken stumble across the room. It’s like when you sneak into your parent’s house, after eight pints, trying to look sober and failing miserably. No one really seems to have a clue what they are doing. Maybe Robin Thicke told everyone to do the opposite of what the choreographer said and just do your own thing. At 0:08 in the video, the girl on the far left seems to be struggling to remember the moves to Gangnam Style and then later on, the women seem to be just making up new dance moves on the spot.


I’m so lucky.
She wants to hug me.
What rhymes with hug me?

Pure genius.



Right, I have no idea what even is going through their minds right now, but everyone else seems to be rolling with it, so we have to as well. Robin Thicke makes this moment with a cheeky grin that says: I fricking love my life!



I want this suit. That is all.


Let’s have a quick look at all of the weird props that pop up in this video.





Jesus, that last one is freaky as hell. The truth is, Robin Thicke isn’t trying to do anything with this video. I was going to write about this video in my WTF Music Video of the month, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Basically, he has been told to make a video for his song and Thicke, Pharrell and TI decided that if they had to film something, they were going to have a laugh with it. So they rounded up some girls, some stuffed animals and as much drugs has they could find and made an amazing music video. Hats off to you, Robin Thicke.


What a legend!

What a legend!

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