I have always loved a good movie monster. Especially in the case of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, it gives us an insight of the natural wildlife of these future landscapes, which I find exciting. Sometimes it just switches up the pace of the movie, which can be a refreshing addition to a film. However, sometimes I feel that some great movie monsters have been wasted by the writers and directors. Below are three movie monsters, while not the best of the category, I believe deserve a second chance and wowing the audience.


I understand that the Fellowship of the Ring was a pretty packed movie. There would have been literally no space to expand the scene where the Watcher grabs Frodo and tries to kill the Fellowship. But while the troll got an entire fight sequence, the Watcher was relegated to a quick skirmish, before being cut away to the rest of Moira. Personally I thought the Watcher looked interesting and I would have liked a closer look at the creation.

He looks so bored, like he can't even be bothered to eat Frodo.

He looks so bored, like he can’t even be bothered to eat Frodo.

Who knows maybe the Lord of the Rings universe is due a Star Wars makeover. Like Disney, maybe other directors should take it upon themselves to make spin-offs of that universe and explore different aspects of this fantasy world. Some may disagree as it would cheapen the success of the two trilogies we have already got, but these movies are the only kind of its genre that are any good, so it is worth a bit of thought. That way, maybe the Watcher can get a second try and taking down a movie protagonist.


The Wampa, looking back, was a pretty pathetic monster. It jumped out and ambushed Luke Skywalker, when he was lost and disorientated. When it came to a fair fight, it took a swing of a lightsaber to cripple the Wampa and send it back to the icy cavern it dwells in. While just getting a glimpse of the Star Wars take on the Yeti was once enough as a child, now I cannot help but feel that the Wampa was one of the biggest anti-climaxes of the trilogies.

In fairness, this mistake has been trying to remedy itself. In the Extended Universe, the Wampa does rear its poor head several times. In most of the games, it is hard to depict Hoth without somehow incorporating the Wampa into the level. Slowly, the image of this Wampa has been rebuilt, so we begin to respect it and want to see more of it. Maybe J.J Abrams will give the creature a second chance, although he has breezed over several cool Sci-Fi monsters in both of his Star Trek films, so maybe not.


Now, you may disagree with me. In Clash of the Titans, the Kraken was the centrepiece of the entire film. The plot revolved around dealing with this terrifying monster. And in the second Pirates of the Caribbean film, most of the movie was spent trying to kill this beast. Surely, the Kraken has had its limelight and can retire to a Hollywood legends wall.

But in Clash of the Titans, the Kraken battle was pretty pathetic. Perseus showed it the Medusa Head and killed it instantly. There was a bit of a CGI struggle, but it was a definite let-down, something that hurt the movie as a whole. At the same time, the original movie skimped on the Kraken as well, so many it was a directorial move. However, there was a distinct lack of Kraken in the movie that promised us insane Kraken action.

Isn't this pretty much the Watcher from the last example? What a cop-out of an article!

Isn’t this pretty much the Watcher from the last example? What a cop-out of an article!

As for Pirates, I want to jump ahead to the third. There is a scene, recapping what happened since the last movie and there is a shot of the Kraken, dead on a beach somewhere. As the East India Trading Company took control of Davy Jones’s army, they ordered him to murder his pet monster. I can see why they wrote off the Kraken in a quick, disappointing way. The entire movie would have had the major plot hole of ‘can’t Davy Jones just call the Kraken to kill Jack Sparrow right now?’ hanging over it for the entire running time. However, if they quickly threw in a scene where the good guys kill the Kraken, it would have had to last around ten to twenty minutes to give the beast a rightful send-off. The writers were left with no other choice.

I don’t know what other options the writers were faced with, but seeing as this was the monster that killed the great Captain Jack Sparrow, I think it deserved a better death than ‘oh yeah, that died while you were away, audience!’

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