I have spent the last three years studying at Portsmouth University and in that time, I have spent that time wisely and spent most nights down the local pubs listening to live music. There is something quite exciting about hearing what could be potentially be an up and coming music act. Seeing as acoustic music is becoming quite a big field at the moment, I thought that I would share four amazing singers with you today.

Check out the links I have provided and if you like what you hear, do a bit of digging. These guys have lots of great music out there. If you are ever down in Portsmouth, keep your ear to the ground for these names. They are worth a listen for sure. Go onto the Youtube links provided and if you could give them a like and favourite it would be really appreciated. For now, just scroll down and enjoy some great music.


This is an original song written by Jake Hillier and it is really catchy. This Youtube clip was leaked out by Stitched Lips, just before their Friday night gig to pull in some customers and it really worked. I listened to it once and the lyrics cemented themselves into my mind. They are so damn catchy. When the gig came around, Jake was a new star and we already were singing along when he began singing this tune. It’s a fantastic piece of music.

Not that his talent comes to an end when it comes to song-writing. His voice is really powerful. It is harder to tell on the Youtube clip, but live, his voice brought life to the room. It was definitely a strong debut performance. Sadly, this is the only video evidence I have of the man’s talents, but he has a few other original songs out there, as well, as some pretty good covers.


Sadly I have no music videos of Angus, but he does have a Soundcloud account. The first track listed (the Joni Mitchell cover), is the acoustic song here. It is a soft track, where Angus shows off his soulful, sweeter voice. Angus’s real charm comes from his complete knowledge of music. His skill with a guitar is impressive and there is a sense, when he is on the stage, that he lives and breathes music. During the Stitched Lips gig, I mentioned above, he sang a few of his own songs, with Jake Hillier providing the backing vocals. It was a perfect duet and really made for a great listen.

For those of you that are a little tired of the acoustic songs I have littered this article with, Angus is also a really good DJ. Scroll down a little further on that link I gave you and you will find some mixes. Sure, they were designed for last summer, but they can still act as a little preview, while we are just getting into the mood for a bit of 2013 sunshine.

Also, out of all of these acts, I can confirm that Angus Rosier will be teaming up with events company, Nina Knows to bring you a whole year of Angus’s songs in Portsmouth for the following year. I am sure looking for any reason I can to head back to this end of the world, so I can catch a few more gigs from this great musician.


A few months ago, I was recommended by a friend to check out an artist called NotSheeran, a singer from London, who was touring around a few of the Portsmouth pubs. He was an Ed Sheeran tribute act that was showing off some impressive skills with the guitar. After watching the video linked above, I promptly decided I have to see him and I did not regret that decision. Have a little look around his channel, because those videos can tell you more about how good this guy really is better than I ever could with these words.

Recently, Jonjo Young dropped the guise of an Ed Sheeran cover artist and is attempting to make a break for an original artist career. I have heard nothing of his new stuff yet, but I have had my ear to the ground for a while now, anticipating what I am sure will be a great set of tracks from Jonjo.


This guy just blew me away when I heard him live. He has near perfect vocals and his talent with the guitar… or seemingly any instrument he sets his mind to… really comes through when he is on the stage.

Again, heading back to the Stitched Lips gig, I didn’t really turn up for this guy. I came to see Jake Hillier and Angus Rosier, as they were the ones that had been advertised on the local radio and the Youtube channel. Then Fugitive Orchestra stepped onto the stage. I use the term Orchestra loosely, because it is just one guy, fiddling around, tuning his guitar. There was a hushed silence on the stage, as half of the crowd knew what was about to happen, while the other half, including me, was confused. How can an orchestra be one guy? Are they late?

Then the music began. As you can see from the clip above, singer James Tattington, uses a recording system on the set. He will do a quick rhythm with an instrument (guitar, harmonica, beat-boxing), and then it loops over and over. Then he does something else. And something else. By the end of the intro, it feels like there is an entire orchestra playing, at which points he breaks into his amazing vocal performance and astounding talent with the guitar.

It is also the charm he radiates on the stage. In between songs, he rattles out fun facts, most which have no relevance to the evening whatsoever. He has the audience roaring with laughter, as well as being massaged with his blend of jazz, blues and alternative. Look out for the name ‘Fugitive Orchestra’ because it is an experience you have to have. I’ll leave you with one of his covers, a personal favourite from his discography:

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