There was a time when glitches really wound me up. When a computer game would stick and you had to turn off the damn thing to get it up and going again. Or when you would be running along a wall in Prince of Persia and your character would get stuck in a wall. Glitches are the scourge of the gaming world. Thankfully, since the 360 and Playstation 3 were introduced, glitches have been cut down a lot. However, when you do find a rare glitch, they are often so brilliant and creepy that you cannot help but be grateful that you were lucky enough to see it.

On the internet, I have stumbled across a few personal accounts of gamers and glitches, so today I thought I would share three experiences I have had with glitches. Leave a comment below if you have a funny story involving your game breaking down on you and leaving you with one of the most terrifying, and often hilarious, gaming experiences possible.


The first Gears of War was known for being a bit buggy, as it raced to meet the 360 release date. However, I had always managed to get through the game without seeing much more than a colour mishap on some of the characters. However, one day, me and my little brother were playing co-op on the hardest difficulty, which must have been too much for the game to handle. Although it did bring me one of the funniest ten minutes of my gaming life.

The scene takes place in the second act of the game, just after a shootout, which I believe is the second time you encounter the Boomers. It was a tough little fight, with snipers pinning you down on the rooftops, but we managed to pull it off. As we gathered our bearings, we decided to head to the next bit. We knew what was coming. There is a jokey bit after the fight, where the game implies a massive load of reinforcements is coming, when in truth it is just one guy. You kill him, laugh at how the game got your heart racing and move on.

He was our best agent: RIP GunButt

He was our best agent: RIP GunButt

My little brother got by the door to take the kill. And kill the Locust he did. But the Locust had had enough of being taken for a joke by gamers everywhere. While bleeding out (where the enemy lies on the floor, dazed), the Locust began butt-sliding across the game, firing shotgun blasts manically. My little brother didn’t stand a chance, being right next to him. He was blown to smithereens. The two other characters, Baird and Cole, played by the computer, didn’t register the Locust as alive, so didn’t attack him. So this Locust came at me, soaking up my bullets, like some satanic sponge. Luckily, I managed to get close enough to smash the dead thing’s face with my boot, but we have, to this day, referred to this incident as the Attack of the Butt-Sliding Locust!


We all knew James Bond was pretty tough, but this takes the piss.

I was playing through the game’s first level, when I got into a shootout. It was fairly early on in the game, so it was simply three guys shooting at you, as you come out of a building. They are meant to rush out, fire a few bullets, when one of them catches a car. The car explodes, sending off a chain reaction. It’s meant to look cool and standard explosive Bond action. However, the game didn’t account for me, being reckless, playing the game.

The second I saw the enemies in the distance running into action, I dived behind the car for cover. Of course, it was shot and blew up. And Bond simply stood up, in the middle of the flames, and took cover behind something else, as the AI told him to do. I didn’t lose a bit of health, despite being in the core of the explosion. I think this explosion even took out one of the bad guys who was further away than me. I wish I had video footage of it, because it was really the calm walk Bond did to get to the next bit of cover that made it so funny. I think this glitch ruined the game for me, because ever since I assumed my character was pretty invincible, which led to many pointless deaths later on in the game.


This glitch is one of the most terrifying and creepy gaming experiences I have ever had to date. It was also the only one on the list that I was playing alone, so no one else shared this experience with me. This moment just racks around my mind terrifying me at night.

First, context: Old Lady Gibson is a character in New Vegas that lives out in a scrapyard a few clicks from Novac, one of the main towns in the game. She isn’t really an important character. She is a loner, who lives with her dogs. At one point in the game, you buy something off of her and then carry on with the game, swiftly forgetting about her.

I should have known: she was cowering in fear of her own pets right from the start.

I should have known: she was cowering in fear of her own pets right from the start.

Fast-forward, a few weeks of aimlessly playing. To a city miles away from Old Lady Gibson and Novac: the one occupied by the Boomers. I did some mission where I cleared out some warehouse for the Boomers. As I was leaving the building and entered outside, I was shocked at what I saw. Old Lady Gibson just standing there, silently, like some sort of eerie ghost from ‘Insidious.’ There was a moment of silence, where she stared coldly into my eyes. I was frozen, unsure of what to do.

And then her dogs ran into the scene. There are about five of them and they all just ripped mercilessly into her. Tore her apart. I watched, horrified, as this old woman, miles from her home, was ripped to shreds by her own dogs in front of me. Then the dogs turned on me and I was forced to shoot them. The same dogs I remember noting for their cuteness, when I first met Lady Gibson.

And then I just lay there, covered in the mutilated bodies of Old Lady Gibson and her dogs (and this game really does mutilate bodies), frozen in fear. This game is dark. Darker than anyone truly knows…

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