Despite never quite reaching the dizzy heights of success that the first Jurassic Park hit, there appears to always be more demand for a sequel of this franchise. I have said before how it succeeds due to the fact that it is the only monster dinosaur movie of its time out there. However, seeing as it has been heavily criticised, we can expect some changes to be made, in order to attempt a refreshing addition to the series. I thought I would share three things I want to see from one of the most beloved movie franchises out there. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Or maybe you have something different you want to see in the fourth Jurassic Park.


Seeing as the original movie was brought out in 1993, it stands to reason that we have discovered some historical mistakes in some of the dinosaurs. It turns out the big villains, the terrifying Velicoraptors, were little more than glorified chicken-sized dinosaurs. The T.Rex too, turns out to be a pretty pathetic creature: too big and slow to creep on any of its kills and sentenced to living off whatever dead, rotting animals it could find hanging about. Therefore, the writers have the awkward position where the two big attractions to the film are terribly inaccurate depictions of these dinosaurs.

Fuck it! Give the T.Rex's camouflage. Why not?

Fuck it! Give the T.Rex’s camouflage. Why not?

But who cares? Remember the monsters in Jurassic Park aren’t real dinosaurs, they are cloned creatures. It stands to reason that the scientists in the first ones would have made some mistakes when creating these clones. Hell, all of the scientists looked over the fact that frogs, the DNA they used to make the dinosaurs, could change gender to produce offspring. So the T. Rex and the Raptors can still be awesome killers, rather than pathetic dinosaurs. Maybe the whole ‘the T. Rex can’t see me if I stand still’ thing wasn’t meant to be realistic, but a safety feature introduced to the clone. I hope the writers do keep these features, as it would make an even bigger plot hole if the new characters showed up and the two biggest dinosaurs changed appearance completely.


Jurassic Park 3 gave us the new villain of the Spinosaurus, which for the most part, was a good move. Although I would have liked more T. Rex, I don’t want the movies getting stale by repeating each other. I think some new dinosaurs should be introduced, even if they do take up side roles.

Take the Jurassic Park game, made by Telltale last year and able to be downloaded onto your X-Box. It was a pretty tame game, but story-wise, it gave me exactly what I wanted from this new movie. It gave us the Raptors and Tyrannosaurus Rexes as we remembered them, yet it also showed us two new predators, in the form of the Troodon and the Mosasaur. The Mosasaur was a giant sea predator, like a carnivorous whale. The Troodon were even better: nocturnal dinosaurs with venomous bites. Up close, they looked like Scrat from Ice Age experimenting with LSD, but we only ever saw them in the final act of the game. The build-up was terrifyingly done.


I’m not asking for those same dinosaurs. I want the writers to do a bit of research and find us a terrifying new dinosaur that audiences probably don’t know. Hell, I used to be a dino-nerd and I have only briefly heard about what a Troodon was before. Once you have what is basically a pre-made horror movie creature, use some clever script-work and direction, and you will have a brand new enemy for the humans to fight off.


One problem I have with the Jurassic Park sequels is the fact that we already know who will die and who will survive. Jurassic Park 3 had three guys we struggled to remember the names of and some partially-developed characters. The partially-developed ones all survived and the nameless three were just brought onto the island to be killed off in gruesome ways. It was so predictable; most of the film’s tension was taken away.

There’s nothing wrong with those types of characters that are brought in just to be killed off, but there needs to be something to keep audiences guessing. Look at Prometheus: sure, there were several characters that we were just waiting for to be killed off, but at the same time, no one was expecting Logan-Marshall Green’s character to be written off so quickly. Even Charlize Theron was killed very suddenly. As long as the audiences are guessing to some extent, the movie should do OK.

Also, while the dinosaurs are the main attractions, the humans are the glue that holds the movie together. If they are on that island for some dumb reason (like paragliding over it for shits and giggles), the film will be criticised. If the writers actually take time to focus on a good story, then audiences will respect that and celebrate it. We want Jurassic Park 4 to succeed as much as they do. Too long has the franchise not been getting the limelight it deserves!

One thought on “3 Things I Want To See in the New Jurassic Park

  1. Completely agree with your comments here. The first one worked because we didn’t know any better regarding the dinosaurs that were featured. I’m hoping for a larger part for the Compsognathus and the inclusion of a Troodon pack would be absolutely fantastic.

    Can’t wait!

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