I’ve decided to include a new feature to my blog. Every now and again, I am going to take a music video that makes little to no sense and break it down to see just how weird it is. I don’t really have a point to this, other than taking the mick out of whatever artist crosses my path, during the thinking process of this article. Today’s victim is Rihanna.

First the video opens with a weird montage of clips that we shall discuss further later. It does slow down to show us clips of Rihanna sprinkling diamonds into a joint, rolling it up and smoking up. Not only is this weird, but wildly inappropriate, seeing as her number one fans are eight year old girls. However, as someone who grew up on Eminem, I probably have no right to comment on that.


The first verse kicks in and Rihanna pelts out her vocals, while sitting in darkness, smoking her diamond joint. There are some clips of a man and a girl’s forearms losing grip of each other, by a swimming pool. It makes no sense, but that is standard love song clip, so I will let it go. It probably isn’t even original, but copied from her last video. As the chorus kicks in, we see short flashes of Rihanna running away from a car, in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t think to run to the left or right, but tries to run in a straight line, in order to outrun the mysterious car.


However, she then stops to look at the Arctic lights and the car vanishes. Apparently, diamond get you messed up when you smoke them.

arctic lights

In between this little bit of craziness, there is a succession of clips of Rihanna sitting in her bed, totally spaced out, as the room cleans itself. Rihanna seems completely bored by this fact. Either she is so rich that she has managed to get the dream invention of an invisible room-tidier. Or maybe she just seems her servants as so sub-human that they don’t even register to her vision. One thing is for sure though: it has nothing to do with the message of the song in the slightest.


All of these previous events are forgotten though, as by the time the second verse begins, Rihanna is now wandering around the desert, with little idea where she is. This isn’t weird in itself, as most music videos appear to be shot in some form of desert. I imagine this only made it into the music video, because Example overbooked the set for the ‘Say Nothing’ music video and Rihanna shotgunned it. My mind can get around that. No, I lose it, when a horse shows up out of nowhere…


Rihanna completely ignores the horse for the duration of the next verse and chorus, probably so high she is having to put every bit of attention she still possesses on remember the lyrics to the song. The horse seems just happy to be on a Rihanna video, as it jumps around and dances. At this point, I decided the random horse is just here for something that the eight year old female fans that I mentioned earlier can coo at. Fair enough.

And then horse sex happens…


The song begins to die down now, as it enters the final chorus. There are a few shots of Rihanna floating in water, chilling, making me come to the conclusion that this video is meant to be some dodgy trip (fun drug fact: pills make you trip, not joints). Oh, and then just when I was about to stop watching the video and begin writing up this article:

london riot

Boom! London riots. Well, maybe not the London ones, but I think, bearing in mind this video was made a while back, it’s a safe assumption to make that Rihanna is trying to cash in on the whole scenario. For no reason whatsoever. No, moral message or political agenda here. Just: I’m high and need another trippy background to put up in my music video. At this point, the song comes to an end and I abandon Youtube for the foreseeable future.

OK, let’s break this down. What is the actual song about? At first glance, Rihanna is singing about a relationship that is pretty ‘like Diamonds in the sky’. Pretty standard stuff. However, seeing as there is definitely a strong drug reference throughout the video, let’s try and tie that in. Scanning through the lyrics, it could be argued that she is in a relationship that made her choose love over drugs. For example, she sings ‘I chose to be happy’. She also sang about pretty much the same thing in an old album (check out the song ‘Rehab’). However, that would mean that the entire music video is contradicting the song, which, in fairness, is something I wouldn’t put past Rihanna to do.

There is one line that jumps out at me. ‘Palms rise to the universe, as we moonshine and molly’. Molly is a nickname for MDMA. So perhaps, this song is literally just about her and a bloke going on a crazy trip. Which brings us right back to the whole inappropriate image for your eight year old fans. Stay classy, Rihanna.

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