A few weeks ago, I posted an article about three games that had a major impact on my childhood when it came to gaming. I then played them and saw how they compared to my precious memories of them. Sadly, it is getting harder and harder to do this on the Playstation 1, as all of the games I order in get to me in bad condition. Therefore, today’s games are the ones that I remember fondly from my childhood, but haven’t managed to get hold of.


Superhero games have come a long way since the Playstation One days. Now we have amazing games like Arkham Asylum leading the way with this genre of game and they have become cult possessions. However, back in the Playstation One days we didn’t know any better. All we were given were two Spiderman games that put us in the shoes of Spidey against some of the best rogues in the comics, alongside some rarer villains.

I liked them, especially the first one. There was something quite simple about them that I liked. Sure, every now and again, there was the annoying level that became more frustrating than enjoyable, but in all honesty, I thought that problem was much worse for when Spiderman came out on the PS2. Most of the time though I loved the game, especially the wise-cracking nature of everyone’s favourite Marvel superhero.

Here is Venom inventing tea-bagging.

Here is Venom inventing tea-bagging.

There were also some Easter eggs that, in hindsight, were ahead of its time. In the game, were hidden comics that told some of the back story of the characters. They were small details, but I used to enjoy playing the game back, trying to collect all of them. Sound familiar? Maybe a more modern superhero game that loves giving the player things to collect? Oh and also, while swinging through the city, it was possible to accidentally stumble across a crane. Inside was the secret lair of the Hobgoblin. It was a nice touch and something that I am glad future superhero games have taken further.


Not many people will know this game, as I barely remember it myself. I remember playing the demo of it and immediately getting the game though. I instantly fell in love with it. The premise is simple. In each level, you play a diver, plunged into the ocean with a mini-sub and limited oxygen. You need to get through a map to get to the treasure, before you ran out of air and without disturbing the sea creatures around you.

It was surprisingly hard, especially the fourth level, where you were trapped in a cave system that acted like a maze. It was so hard to find your way around and the boss at the end of that level was a formidable opponent. It was such a great environment to throw yourself into, although I imagine my thirst for good graphics would make playing this through against quite disappointing. Maybe they need to bring out a cheap, modern version maybe. At least a quick DLC. In all honesty, everyone who played this game rushed through to the levels where you got to see the whales and fight the Great White Sharks.


Ah, the game that got away.

Stealth can't be that hard when the guard's eyeholes are that small.

Stealth can’t be that hard when the guard’s eyeholes are that small.

My mate had the original Metal Gear Solid game and I remember sitting down, playing it and falling in love with straight off the bat. Of course, this game you would remember, as it is still a fairly successful series. I loved Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater, despite it being of the trickiest games I have ever played. The first isn’t so advanced and I remember it being fairly difficult in its own way (it required patience, something ten year old Luke didn’t have).

Sadly, I only ever borrowed it, so I never made it to the end. I got up to a big twist as well and I never learnt who the Deepthroat was. Those answers have been killing me for several years. I have always wanted to find this game and finally complete it, but that opportunity, sadly, has never come around. There is a whole franchise out there, I have needed to play catch-up on and I can’t.


OK, call me weird, but I loved this game.

Seriously, it was awesome. It didn’t even have much of a plot: you were just playing Tommy, Chucky or whoever for a few hours. Seriously, one of the levels was a game of hide and seek. This is the kind of game that the Rugrats was and for some reason, I never truly knew, I loved it.

This is the extent of my gaming childhood.

This is the extent of my gaming childhood.

I have kept this one in the past, because I know that there is no way the expectations could match the reality of the game. I remember being able to complete it in one sitting, so for adult Luke, it would probably be so easy that it becomes laughable. However, for the time being, I am looking down on that memory and being unable to find a single flaw with the game. Sure, it won’t win any awards, but it has the charm to earn a few smiles from the more laidback gamers.

Also, for the final level you get to play Reptar. What more could you ask for?

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