Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio that you were so sure was somebody else and then at the end of the song, when the DJ mentions the singer’s name, you realise you were dead wrong. It’s a weird sensation. Every inch of your body was so sure that you were listening to that certain singer and you were slapped in the face for even thinking that. For someone like me that liked to think that they knew their music, this can be a bit of a distressing moment. So I thought today I would compile three of the songs that have done this to me and see if any of my readers ever thought the same or at the very least can see where I am coming from. Also, if you have any more, leave a comment below: I would love to do a follow-up article.


Tinchy Stryder gets a pass here. He sounds like we would expect him to. However, when Amelle begins the chorus, close your eyes (or just look away from the screen, if you are not awkward like me). Is it just me or does she sound just like Justin Bieber? If you agree, like me, several thoughts will be hitting you right this instant.

One: Justin Bieber sounds like a girl. It’s now a proven fact. We can stop trying to defend the kid and admittedly confirm him as a girl. But secondly: I quite like the vocals here. It’s a catchy tune with a pretty sound beat (not epic, but hardly bad either). So does this mean that we like Bieber? Personally, I am coming around to the hated singer (Beauty and the Beat was a pretty good song), but this is going to be a hard slap in the face for any Bieber haters out there. Although, it’s probably likely you also hate the ex-Sugababe here too, so maybe not.


When I first heard this band, I genuinely thought that Kate Nash had decided to pair up with a male vocalist to start a band. Then of course I found out that this band was a small-time Icelandic group, but I still cannot deny that the female singer has a habit of verging on sounding identical to Kate Nash. She has that kind of singing, but talking style that is doing so well at the moment (Ed Sheeran, Loveable Rogues). Here, it is more singing, but it still has that sweet, homely feel to the voice.

To be honest, Kate Nash hasn’t been around for a while, so I welcome this band with open arms. I love their album and can’t wait to see what they do next. I missed out on seeing them live, when swung down Portsmouth. In the meantime, I have caught myself listening to Kate Nash songs to fill the void in between now and their new stuff.


When this famous song came out, I was pretty late on the bandwagon. And I swear to god, those little glimpses of the song that I heard on the radio in passing, I genuinely believed that Sting and Katy Perry had brought out a song. Skip to the first chorus and tell me I’m wrong. It sounds just like Sting would sound. And then Kimbra kicks in and she sounds like Katy Perry borrowing Sting’s style for a softer approach to one of her tracks. It wasn’t until later I found out this song was by two guys I’ve never heard of before and that was a disappointing discovery.

Personally, I think sheer willpower propelled this thought into my mind. How awesome would that duet be? Well, as awesome as this song apparently, which is still being played on iPods everywhere, despite being a fairly old track now. I think this tune could stand the test of time and become a classic. Katy Perry and Sting might not be the most obvious choice of singers to go together, but then again the best duets never are. Hell, Sting did a track with the Black Eyed Peas not long ago. I am kind of upset that the Sting wasn’t behind this song, but I cannot deny that I am loving this tune nonetheless.

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