There are a lot of good movies coming out this summer, but we also know that some disappointing ones have already graced the big screen. I won’t mention a specific example, just mutter Bruce Willis’s name under my breath and leave it at that. So, will all of the upcoming movies the rest of 2013 be giving us be the calibre we expect? Well, to be honest, I have picked out three films that I think won’t be as amazing that the audiences are hoping for. Not that I am going to harshly judge these films when they do come out. If anything, if I am proven wrong, I shall be pleasantly surprised.


Sin City is one of my all-time favourite movies, probably obvious from the entire article I based on the upcoming sequel. The first just gave us a whole new movie experience, great characters and a visually-stunning two hours. It’s not for everyone, but I personally loved it and am hoping this new movie can meet that original style.

I mean, none of the cast ever look happy about this film.

I mean, none of the cast ever look happy about this film.

But, the problem with Sin City is that it is a gimmicky movie. And movies with gimmicks only really work once. It’s the same with 300. It has the power to blow you away at first, while the audience is unable to process the awesomeness of what is happening in front of them. However, when that experience becomes the norm, the writers are trying to raise the bar constantly and soon it will become too much. Sin City pretty much pushed the boundaries of reality out of the way in the first one, so the second could just lose the audience. It’s a shame, because I cannot stress enough how well I want this film to do. I just don’t see it. I guess that’s my two favourite franchises set to be ruined in this year. (Mutters Bruce Willis’s name under his breath once more.)


After Earth is Will Smith’s upcoming movie, his first lead in a long time. The plot is simple: him and his son, Jaden Smith, crash land on a planet in the future. It soon becomes apparent that this planet is just a mutated Earth, long after humanity abandoned it. Wildlife has evolved into a killing machine and it is a constant surivival for them to stay alive. It sounds pretty cool. In fact, a trailer was just released for it, so enjoy:

Is it just me or is that trailer mostly Jaden Smith? I reckon Will Smith isn’t going to be playing the lead part in this after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith gets taken out early on (maybe in the initial crash), and ends up guiding his son through an intercom or something. We might get a bit of Will Smith action, but not a whole movie’s worth. To be honest, if I am right, this guess could save the movie for me. Instead of being distraught in the cinema, because instead of Will Smith, I am watching the Karate Kid take on space monkeys (that premise doesn’t sound that bad, in all honesty), I will kind of nod my head, expectantly. So out of everyone in the cinema, I will get over the disappointment quicker and get on with a good Sci-Fi flick.

But probably hate the movie anyway, because of Will Smith’s annoying accent…


OK, this is probably going to get the most arguments, so I shall come out swinging.

One, the first Thor was a pretty average movie. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but you cannot deny there was the sense that this film was being rushed, so we could get to the Avengers movie. Thor was thrown into Earth, took on a big robot and Loki was introduced. Most of the other characters were side-lined, with little development. I would like to see more of the Asgardians (especially Ray Stevenson), as they seemed pretty cool, yet none of them were really a focus of the direction or script. I am scared that Thor 2 will be just as rushed, all of Marvel’s attention focused on Iron Man 3.

Two, Christopher Ecclestone doesn’t strike me as the right actor to play the villain. His appearance in GI Joe was a bit of a let-down. He was never quite as threatening as the movie wanted him to be. Sure, he can handle a good bad guy (Gone in Sixty Seconds), but I can’t see the actor handling a Dark Elf. I hear Loki is pottering around the movie somewhere, but I am scared for what the script will do to the villain. He is one of the leading bad guys in the Marvel movie universe right now and I am worried that he will be over-used and made redundant.

OK, out of all of these movies, Thor 2 might just pull it off, but I am worried for it. What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let me know.

One thought on “3 Upcoming Movies I Predict Will Be Disappointing

  1. THOR: THE DARK WORLD was a bad choice my friend. I agree that the others maybe crap, After Earth more than anything. But I will defend Thor because I know of the new director and have been keep track of its development, its not being rushed and I think it will be far better than the admitably average first film 😀

    The trailer is coming out soon, so you can judge for yourself from that 😀

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