Movies are awesome. However, sometimes when you explore a little further into the story, you realise that there are small details that raise your appreciation for the film. It’s like the way a small character in Star Wars might have a whole back story that makes his one, small appearance actually fairly significant in the grand scheme of things. Below are three little details that might make your opinion of some good movies that little bit better.


I have already discussed in great detail of the Quentin Tarantino multiverse and how all of his movies, and other movies, actually connect and intersect. The characters are often relative of famous movie figures and some of the characters know other characters from another movie. However, there is one small detail that I recently learnt that makes my admiration for Pulp Fiction even better.

Remember that scene where John Travolta and Sam Jackson accidentally kill their friend and have to get their car to Quentin Tarantino’s house. The car is soaked in blood and the two characters comment on how big a miracle it is that the cops didn’t spot them. Well, according to some theories, this is because while this scene is taking place, the robbery that kicks off Reservoir Dogs is taking place and all the police are busy dealing with that.

Remember that time we had to clean up Calvin Candie's house after that shootout. God!

Remember that time we had to clean up Calvin Candie’s house after that shootout. God!

Evidence to suggest this is the fact that when they get there, Quentin Tarantino’s wife, Bonnie, is away and as we have already discussed, the characters in Reservoir Dogs are using a nurse called Bonnie to help them out. It seems a big coincidence that Tarantino named two nurses the same name. What makes this even more mind-blowing is the fact that Travolta and Mr. Blonde are brothers. So while Travolta was jerking around, dressing up as a nerd and hanging out with Mr. Wolf, his brother was being murdered by a traitor in the group. Not so pleasant a movie now is it.


There was an article on Cracked.com a month or two ago about plot holes in recent movies. One of them talked about how it was impossible for Silva to actually predict the events of the film. How could he proceed with his plan (which involved being captured at the right moment), when he was stopped by a secret agent (he didn’t know), who found him by digging a bullet from his body that was shot at him by an independent mercenary, who just happened to have an unique gun? Also, even when he confronted Bond, he hardly could predict that Bond had a homing device hidden on him.

Plot hole then? Maybe not. I have a theory that Silva’s plan was actually far more intricate than the movie showed us. When Bond turned up on the island, he just triggered off one chain of events he had up his sleeve. His plan was in place for any moment in the next ten years or something. Even if he wasn’t captured, he probably had a completely new plan for taking out M. It takes our respect for the villain to a completely new level.


In the Alien franchise, we know one thing. When an alien is involved, everyone is in dire danger. Even one can take out a whole planet full of prisons. When they show up, everyone needs to be at their best to outlive them. Ripley has been that person four times, which is impressive enough. However, what it is easy to forget is that she hardly gets a break in between movies.

I hate you Aliens! I am so unfollowing you on Twitter.

I hate you Aliens! I am so unfollowing you on Twitter.

At the end of the first movie, she kills the alien and puts herself into cryo-sleep soon after. When she wakes up, she is in the second movie. She gets a small amount of time to recuperate, but before long, she is called on to be an advisor, as a group of marines go to take out what could possibly be the Aliens (even though they all ignore her advice, meaning she didn’t have to be there). After that horrible ordeal, she goes into cryo-sleep again, but when she wakes up, she has crash-landed on the prison planet. So basically those three films happened non-stop for her.

Taking the idea further, we can assume the clone of Ripley will only have sufficient memory to recall things in that order, so the clone didn’t get much of a break either. So as soon as the aliens entered her life, she could never escape from them. She is pretty much the perfect representation of the tragic hero.

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