We all know that the Star Wars prequels were one of the most disappointing set of movies in cinematic history. They took a beloved franchise, tried to recreate the original glory and got ripped to shreds by the fans. George Lucas swore to leave the franchise alone from there on, trying to keep some of the beloved memories intact. However, when Disney came a-knocking, Lucas saw one last chance to cash in. He sold it to Disney, who went on to promise to make a Star Wars movie every two years. I mean… it doesn’t matter if Star Wars is being ruined as long as he isn’t getting blamed for it, right?

But the thing is I am pretty sure that these Star Wars movies are actually going to pretty amazing. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there is going to be a lot of hate for this movies, because Star Wars fan-boys love criticising movies more than they actually love watching them. But for the average movie-lover, these next three films are going to be freaking awesome. And why? Luckily, you are at a website that loves dragging this kind of question out for several paragraphs.


My hate for the Star Wars prequels can pretty much be boiled down to one man: George Lucas. However, I also find it amusing that when everyone attacks the Star Wars prequels they blame a terrible script and poor acting. Did anyone else see the first three movies? That script was just awful and the acting was diabolical. As much as I praised Mark Hamill’s Joker performance a few articles ago, Luke Skywalker is one of the worst movie heroes of all time, a truly bland character. And even the best actor of the lot, Harrison Ford, gives one of the most wooden performances of his career. I think that’s why people hate the prequels so much: they highlight all of the flaws of the first movies and kind of drag their childhood into a poor light.

Thank god no one attacking me from both inside and outside thought to shoot out the windows. Then I 'd be screwed.

Thank god no one attacking me from both inside and outside thought to shoot out the windows. Then I ‘d be screwed.

However, now that George Lucas is gone, all of that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Lucas loved his special effects, which in itself isn’t a problem, especially for a film like Star Wars, but he focuses on the CGI more than the actors and cinematography, which stops the films from reaching that greatness it should be hitting. He was also very lost in his own ideas, which means there is no collaborative effort on the prequels. You know who doesn’t have those problems, though…


J. J Abrams is pretty much the most powerful man in cinema right now. He is in charge of both the Star Wars franchise and the Star Trek franchise. Apart from his insanely tight schedule, I believe he is the perfect man for this job.

One thing that makes me excited for this movie is the fact that we have already seen a J.J Abrams make-over of a great Sci-Fi universe with the Star Trek film. J. J wasn’t a massive Trekkie, when he took the job: he knew nothing about the famous show. But pairing himself with some writers and producers that loved the series, he could make the latest Star Trek movie a film that appealed to both the fans and new viewers. It was the perfect balance and that is what I want to see with the next load of Star Wars movies.

Change hair every movie = good acting?

Change hair every movie = good acting?

Also, it opens up a wider discussion on who will be the actors in the next Star Wars. Will Abrams put Zachary Quinto or Benedict Cumberbatch in his Star Wars films? Jennifer Garner? Keri Russell? Tom Cruise?! It makes these next few movies even more excited and I am glued to any news of the upcoming movie in anticipation.


One thing I do love about the prequels (and one of the redeeming factors of the Phantom Menace), is the fact that the Star Wars universe is finally getting the CGI it deserves. It is great to see the Star Wars world getting a refreshing new look. George Lucas, despite his flaws, gave us the underwater city of Naboo, the explosive final fight in the volcanic Mustafar and a pretty awesome Podrace sequence. In the original movies, there was this lack of visual effects that stops new fans from getting properly immersed in the world.

Imagine that, but twice as good. Because that is what we will be getting with the latest set of movies. I cannot wait to see what new worlds we will be getting from J. J Abrams. I want to see a truly epic lightsaber fight. Some space battles that are simply breath-taking. And I have no doubt in my mind that we will get exactly that.


But the main reason I know that we will get the Star Wars films we deserve is because everyone knows what is needed from the films. The fans are some of the most vocal fans in the world. And while I know that giving the fans exactly what they want isn’t always the best thing to do, it is definitely a start. And in fact, in the prequels we can see a start of that happening.

I want to see this as a spin-off: The Only Way Is Ewok

I want to see this as a spin-off: The Only Way Is Ewok

What annoys me about New Hope and Empire Strikes Back (Lucas kind of cottoned on by Return of the Jedi), is that the cool monsters only had fleeting moments. In the prequels, Lucas focused on the monster sequences a little bit longer. Also, while he couldn’t include fan favourite Boba Fett, he did give us Jango Fett, who was the best thing about the Attack of the Clones.

So therefore making the perfect Star Wars film should be little more than a couple of quick-fixes. Hopefully. All I know is that I am not going to be the guy that attacks the new Star Wars films unless they truly deserve it. And I am going to be really ashamed of the audience if they criticise these films, simply because they decided to the moment the news that Disney bought the franchise came out.

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons I Am Not Worried About The Next Star Wars Movies

  1. The Only Way is Ewok?

    Clearly you have never seen The Caravan of Courage or The Battle for Endor. They were two made-for-tv movies that came out in the mid-80’s. I managed to buy them both on DVD a few years ago. I was obsessed with them as a child. Want more Ewoks? This is the way to go.

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