I love TV series. They are like a movie, yet you can get so much deeper into the characters and story, really getting ever drop of emotion out of an idea (in a good way). As a wannabe writer, I have a few good ideas for a TV show, but I have found myself being held back by the simple fact that no channel would ever greenlight most of my ideas.

Although, I am not going to put all of my best pitches on here, because they still could get a bite in the future, I have complied three small ideas I had that I instantly know will never work. Or if they do, I have no real plan to be the writer or director behind them, so I don’t care if they are stolen and produced without me. I just wouldn’t mind seeing these shows brought to life, even if there is a small chance that anyone would take a chance on them.


I love the Arkham games, mainly because they brought out a side of Batman I didn’t know existed. There is a dark, adult side to the games, which is weird from a hero I have always seen as a kids figure. Sure, there are the movies, but Christopher Nolan’s vision of Batman was so ground-breaking, I kind of took it for a one-off. Part of me always wanted to see a Batman series, like Smallville (or Arrow if Arrow as any good), but that would have been far too expensive to even consider.

More lines to learn. Damnit!

More lines to learn. Damnit!

However, I wondered if there could be a cartoon series made with the animation from the actual game. The game has a decent storyline and surely that could be used to develop a cartoon that focused on the adult audience. Sure, some of the kids cartoons can appeal to an older audience, but sometimes I want the fear of death and adult jokes to be woven into the story. It’s not like I am asking for naked women and Saw-like violence; I just want something catered to an audience above the age of 12.

However, I have no idea how to go about making that series. I am clueless as to how much work goes into making those great graphics in the game and I am not too sure what the fan base will be. Most of the adult audience will scoff at the idea of watching a cartoon, even if it is an awesome Batman one. However, out of all of these ideas, this one actually has a slim chance of being made, so if any animation expert/director sees this: please get the wheels in motion.

Oh, and as for actors, I have a pretty clear idea of who I want. Eliza Dushku has to be Catwoman (I later found out she has already voiced the character, proving my idea) and Alan Tudyk as the Joker (watch Dollhouse and you will see what I mean). I am unsure who would play Batman. Leave any thoughts in the comments below.


Imagine Fallout, but in a TV series.

OK, I know what you are thinking: what about the Walking Dead? It’s a great apocalypse story with all of the zombie-killing action you could wish for. Don’t get me wrong: I love that series, but I want something more along the lines of a nuclear fallout drama. The entire world has been desecrated to a wasteland and rather than having the story of the apocalypse unfolding, I want to see survivors from the far future, people actually born and raised in this world, and how they cope with surviving. It would also be fresher than the Walking Dead. Although that series keeps the excitement raised all the time, wouldn’t it be cool if they were attacked by something over than zombies or bandits? In my series, they could be attacked by any sort of animal, mutated by radiation. There could be a new monster every week.

The obvious problem here is money. Each episode of the Walking Dead costs around $3 million and my series would need so much more than that. I am guessing it would have to be filmed in Nevada to get the desert wasteland look just right and we would need to have several costumes, technological advances and all sorts of props to make it work. Not to mention the monsters and the animation required to get them looking cool. I am sure this is the kind of series everyone would instantly love, but good luck raising the budget for it.


Now, this one has so many problems attached to it, I haven’t thought much further than: ‘Huh? That would be cool.’ Pokemon in simple terms, is a world filled with dangerous creatures that humans train to fight or help. Being a kids show, it is fairly light-hearted, but I can’t help, but wonder what it would be like for an adult audience, much like the Batman cartoon idea.

Terrifying. I can't wait to see it fight.

Terrifying. I can’t wait to see it fight.

It’s pretty interesting. Several isolated towns. You can’t wander into the wild alone, because of monsters lurking in the woods. Yet humanity copes with this epidemic and gets life as close to normal as they can. Replace the main characters with adults, rather than ten-year olds, and get rid of the Poke-ball idea (there can be good Pokemon, like pets, but they cannot be captured and used to fight in my series). Other than that, the writers would be free to explore this world from a new angle.

However, there are so many problems here. First: money. Like the apocalypse idea, you would have to put a lot of money into recreating this world and monsters. But this time around, you are playing with fan-favourites, meaning that if you created a cheap, rushed version of Charizard, you could lose your viewers in a heartbeat. Then there is the copyright. What I want to do is take someone else’s successful idea and revert everything about it. It would be a nightmare getting the owners of Pokemon to agree to this series. And after that, I am not even too sure who the viewers would be. Who would tune in to watch a Pokemon series, even if it is for adults? There is a small demographic of grown-up fans, who want to relive a childhood memory, but as the Star Wars prequels prove that can be a tough crowd to please. Therefore, I cannot see this series even be considered in the near future.

But I can’t help but hope, right?

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