Usually Hollywood is pretty spot on for casting. There are a wide range of actors out there and we seem to know what we want from them. We are pretty confident that Bruce Willis has got the ageing action hero character perfected and Zooey Deschanel is perfect as a quirky love interest (usually to Joseph Gordon Levitt). Sure, that means that some characters get type-cast, but at least we get the best out of the movies, right?

As a screenwriter, it is hard not to cast the characters while you write them. It is one of the ‘Do Nots’ of scriptwriting, but many writers, such as Tarantino, often admit to breaking them. Therefore I have a couple of casting decisions I would like to see, either out of a love for that actor, or in some cases, simply being intrigued how that actor would cope in that situation. Today I thought I would share them with you. Feel free to leave your own in the comments below.


Daniel Craig is well known for playing the hero. Of course, he is one of the better James Bonds, but he is always an excellent lead action hero in ‘Defiance’ and ‘Cowboys and Aliens’. However, I have always wondered how he would fare on the other end of the spectrum, playing the villain of the piece.

Craig has handled villains before, but they have often been small-time. He played the young gangster in ‘Road to Perdition’, but he never quite struck the audience as a fearful bad guy. ‘Layer Cake’ is closer to what I want, but the movie put a positive spin on Craig, making him the anti-hero, rather than a full-on villain. Craig has said he enjoyed doing the voice of the villain for the animated ‘Tintin’ movie, so it is likely that he would be interested in performing as the bad guy, if the right role came along.

I am thinking something Marvel. A few articles back, I said I was unhappy with the portrayal of Dr. Doom. Craig as Dr. Doom would be my dream casting choice. As Bond, we can see that Craig as a brooding side – all it would take is some sharp flashes of anger and we could have a fearsome villain. It wouldn’t have even been a massive knock on the actor’s schedule. Halfway through the film, his face would be covered up, so he could leave the acting to a stunt double and merely provide voice acting.


Pattinson gets a rough reputation because of the Twilight franchise. Personally I like the guy – his performance in ‘Remember Me’ was great, even if the film let him down. I cannot blame him for jumping on the back of the ‘Twilight’ movies. Those films must make him a ton of money and have given the guy a promised acting job for the last few years.

He could do a camp Godfather film!

He could do a camp Godfather film!

I think it is time to save his public image. Cast him as a proper vampire, showing the audience that he isn’t just a soppy love interest. There can be no hints that his vampire has deeper feelings: he must play a dark, merciless killing machine, like the villains from the ‘Terminator’ movies. Pattinson is adept for the role: he can handle dark and silent. All it would take are for some menacing eyes to complete the image and he would be a perfect fit for the role. Of course, Pattinson might not be interested in the role. It would be a constant reference to the Twilight films and it might not be an interesting role for a character actor like Pattinson. Nonetheless, offering him any vampire villains out there in production right now wouldn’t hurt.


Like Pattinson, Efron gets a bad rap. He flew to fame with ‘High School Musical’ and cannot seem to shake his ‘camp, musical’ image. In fairness, he does the role so well, as he picked up a similar character in ‘Hairspray’. I never used to like him, but as I have grown a bigger interest in film, I have decided that Efron isn’t to blame for the cheesy performances. I really want to see him take on a bloody action or violent movie, just to see if he can handle it.

Let’s go with a Tarantino for two reasons. One: it’s such an extreme. Can you imagine Efron as one of the Reservoir Dogs? It would be the kind of amusing casting choice Tarantino would appreciate and it would fit the tone of the movie so well. Unlike Pattinson, where casting as the vampire might rock the boat, as soon as people got used to Zac Efron as the cold-hearted killer, the film could rocket onwards.

Another reason I chose Tarantino. It was Tarantino who saved John Travolta’s career by casting him in ‘Pulp Fiction’. Zac Efron’s career could be said to mirror Travolta’s earlier films, such as ‘Grease’. Tarantino could pull off the same trick twice and prove to the world that Zac Efron is more than a pretty face.


Hugh Laurie has been around for years, but we have only just realised how good he is. I mean… he has always been good, but until ‘House’ we had no idea that he was phenomenal. I’ve already talked about how amazing he is in a previous article, so I’ll just keep this to future roles.

Failing that, he could go into fitness DVDs

Failing that, he could go into fitness DVDs

House is over now, so I want to see the next step for Hugh Laurie. Sure, he did ‘The Oranges’ just in time for Christmas, but that wasn’t a major step from what he has done in the past. After the role of Gregory House, I am confident Hugh Laurie can master any role given to him. It’s just a matter of time, before he is given a script that he can take and show off with.

A potential movie we might see him in soon is ‘Tomorrowland’. It has been connected to ‘Star Wars 7’, but the writers swear it is an original Sci-Fi. There is pretty much no facts for it yet, other than two of the stars. George Clooney will handle the lead role (one of his first blockbusters in a long time), but Hugh Laurie has accepted the role of the villain. Hugh Laurie would do a fantastic villain: House is always bordering on playing the bad guy. I am hoping he plays it straight, shows Hollywood just what he is capable of and begins a long, illustrious career into one of the big players of the next decade of film.

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